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The Real Price of Food

Not many people have ever wondered where or how their food is processed. Most consumers want the cheapest deal but don't know the real cost. While the cheapest deal is nice, it's not always the safest. Many Americans are injured every year from an unsafe working environment. An alternative would be to either replace workers with machines that can provide the same service as the previous workers, or import workers from foreign countries and make them take more safety precautions when employed in these working environments.

If foreign workers were imported from other countries to work for the United Sates, they would have to provide their own transportation, such as paying by boat or air-travel to get a trip to the United States, and would receive all of the benefits that american workers would receive. However, they would still have to go through the proccess of becoming an american citizen before they could work for any company in the United States.

Fight For Your Right

August 10, 1920

Dear future citizens of America,

I hope you have come to your senses by the time you read this, and i hope women all have the same equal, natural born rights as men. Don't ever forget that we all come into this world the same way and that we are all human beings. None of us should be treated any different than the next person. If things haven't changed by this time, don't ever forget to stop fighting for women's rights. If you have something that you believe in, stand up for it, even if it seems stupid to others, because iv'e learned that if it means something to you, that's all that matters. Any cause is worth fighting for, such as fighting for women's rights. Don't ever forget that! Stand strong with people that believe in the same cause as you, even if others are against what your fighting for. Don't let fear shut you down, make it wake you up!

Be the person everyone wants to grow up to be. Be an inspiration to others! Whether you are a Gentleman or Lady reading this, imagine your daughters not being able to grow up and be whatever their heart desires all because of their gender. If we do not change how women are looked apon, and do not make womens rights equal with mens, women will always be looked down apon. As a nation we need to change how society see's women!


Alice Paul

Hugging a Delusion

The political cartoon "Hugging a Delusion" shows how women were hoping for the right to vote one day. Women believed that they should have all of the same rights as men. After all, they were Americans too. The women of America fought together to get the 19th amendment passed. Many women believed that they should have the same say in the things their country votes on as men.

Surrender at last!

BREAKING NEWS: US defeats horrid Spanish forces in Puerto Rico after so many American lives were taken fighting for this beloved country. We interviewed an anonymous soldier who fought in the war and he told us it was terrible. "I've never seen a worse living condition. We were all stuffed in tight quarters knowing that the next day just might be our last, knowing that that this might be the last night we endure of our short-lived lives." With these remarks, it makes us realize how much is really at stake when we go to war. During the war, we had a devastating loss of 2,000 American lives to Yellow Fever. Not only do Americans have to deal with the loss of these amazing soldiers, but where will they ever find the $250million for monetary costs they owe?! Even though the US has to deal with the problems, Americans hold their heads high for yet another victory.
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The US military is expanding every day, and they want you. If you are eligible to enter the war, do your part and sign up at your nearest recruiting station! Everybody has a part to do, have you done yours?


Finally Free

The Treaty of Versilles was negotiated among the allied powers with little participation by Germany. It would establish a League of Nations. Its 15 parts and 440 articles reassigned German boundries and assigned liability for reparations. The US Senate refused to ratify the treaty, and the US government took no responsibility for most of its provisions. Germany agreed to pay reparations under the Dawes Plan and the Young Plan.

Some ethnic groups in parts of germany, Austria-Hungary, and Russia received the right of self-determination. The central powers also surrendered control of their colonies to the allies. The treaty placed some colonies under temporary control of the allied nations until the colonies were deemed ready for independence. FINALLY, the colonies that had been under central powers control for so long had been set free. This peace treaty was signed on june 28, 1919, exactly five years after the assasination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

For five years the French and the Belgians tried to enforce the treaty quite rigorously. Germany in 1924 and 1929 agreed to pay reparations under the Dawes Plan and the Young Plan, but the depression led to cancellation of reparations in 1932.

Cedar Rapids Hops Forward For More Entertainment

The ting of the bat, and the snap of the baseball hitting the glove, right in your backyard! "This is the closest thing we have to heaven on earth!" explained an energetic fan after the bunnies had an amazing win. Although this may seem like a silly little game to some, others say there's no place they would rather be.

The Cedar Rapids Bunnies played in the Western Association in 1896. Later on, they played in the Mississippi Valley League from 1922-1932. The Cedar Rapids Bunnies are a great entertainment for all people of all ages. The ball park has the great name of Belden Hill Park. Cletus Dixon and Bill Speas have been with the organization for a longer time than anyone else on the team. Cletus has had two home runs, and Bill Speas has had two home runs as well.

The Cedar Rapids bunnies are not always the greatest to watch when it comes to fielding, but if you are a true-hearted american, you will come out to the games or at least one. Take in the smell of freshly cooked hot dogs, see the hamburgers on the grill right before your eyes, and enjoy some peanuts and cracker jacks! Just come on out to the ball game!

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The Great Bambino

New York, new records! Not only was Babe Ruth famous being the first person in baseball history to point to where he was going to hit his home run, but he still holds the 3rd most home runs in a career for the MLB with a whopping 714 home runs, and a batting avg of .342. He was the greatest baseball player alive during the great depression, whether it was within the eyes of the people or looking at the records. Many still believe he was the greatest baseball player that has ever lived.

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