The Holocaust

The Holocaust was a horrible, tragic event. it was a mass killing of Jews, both children and adults. More than 11 million Jews were killed. Hitler and the Nazis hated Jews and wanted to torture them. He believed that all of the world`s problems were caused by Jews.

Hitler and the Nazis were racist. they despised Jews and wanted to do anything they could so they would not have to worry about the Jews. The text states, "Nearly two out of every three Jews were killed.'' These Jews were killed from starvation, disease, neglect, gas chambers, and much more. these Jews were sent to concentration camps and were exasperated from their families. The text states, "...the National Socialist government established concentration camps." Many people were killed there.

The Holocaust was a horrible, tragic event that nobody will ever forget. It was a mas killing that devastated everybody. Hitler did everything he could to make sure the world was exactly the way he wanted it to be.The Holocaust was a major turning point for the world and an event that nobody will ever forget and everybody knows about.