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Symbol of element is Ag. The atmomic number is 47. Atomic weight is 107.87. The group than is Coinage metal in group 11. The color is silver. The classification is Metallic. The period number 5.

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Origin of name: Anglo-Saxon word “siolfur”

Origin of symbol: comes from the Latin word “argentum” man learned to separate lead from silver in 3000 B.C.


Stering silver is used for jewlry and silverware.

It's also used for photoggraphy.

Used forelectrical contacts

The iodine is used to seeding clouds produce rain.


Rare and expensive. Pure silver is the highest electrical and thermal conductivity metals. It is stable in pure air and water. But tarnishes when exposed to ozone
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Density: 10490 kg Reflectivity :97%

Mineral Hardness: 2.5 (ability of a material to scratch another)

Boiling point:3924 Fahrenheit

Melting point: 1763.2 Fahrenheit

It’s a solid.The color is silver.