Forever Faster

Founded by Rudolf Dassler

A major multinational company that designs and manufactures athletic casual footwear and clothing.


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Target Market

Ages 15-30 year olds that are sporty and active

Endorsers of Puma

Puma's Positioning

Leader in creating a sports active lifestyle and trying to make the world a better place through their brand and products

Competition Brands and Products

Nike's Positioning

The leader in sports shoes and clothing with high price, high quality, high technology products that are also worn by the best athletes that are performance driven with high ambition and the will to win.

Adidas' Positioning

Global leading sports brand focused on innovation and technology

Perceptual Map

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Justification of Map

Among the competition Nike is the leader in all categories and they have also positioned themselves there. They offer creativity, the newest high tech products both in performance and fashion but at a high price. Their slogan "Just Do It" brings inspiration and innovation to the world.You get more everything for more.

Puma also offers performance and Fashion but for a lower price than Nike. The goal of puma is to change the world through their products and upcoming technology by bringing more sports active lifestyle. They give the same performance and fashion for less so their worldwide target market can be reached.

Adidas offers products for close to the same price as Puma. They also offer more fashion rather than performance with there products having a more classic, traditional and heritage style. But their product have technology close to Nike product. You get the same performance and more fashion for less.

Puma Positioning Cont

Puma is in head-to-head positioning with Nike and Adidas. They look to promote a friendly active lifestyle and fashionable brand by using their co-branding partnership with BMW, Ferrari and Red Bull and their big time celebrities that endorse the products to get the interest of the people and get a competitive advantage over other brands. The brand is under positioned even though they are international. They need to re-position themselves by expanding their people differentiation even more. If they can reach more areas of the world by being more global focused they could become thee leading international brand.