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Información Semanal de Español 1, Dec. 14th-18th

Tareas de esta semana ~ Work Due this Week: el siete de diciembre al once de diciembre

  • Repaso para el Proyecto Final de Español I

    **Preparing for your Final Project - Required Live Class** - (during week 17 or week 18)

    • ___ Preparing for your Final Project RLC

    **All Quarter 2 (previously listed) work must be turned in by

    1/1/2016 for Traditional Calendar courses

    to go on your report card.

Assignments in Units 5-8 can be completed over Christmas Break up until January 1st. Please take advantage of that opportunity!!

We are getting towards the end of the Spanish 1 Course. All work in Unit1 5-8 is due by January 1st. The Final Exam and Project is due by January 8th at midnight. Always make sure they are keeping up with the Course Schedule of Assignments. I would suggest downloading it and printing it out to make sure you are completing all of the assignments.

Here is the hyperlink the Course Schedule of Assignments for Spanish 1:

Only the assignments listed there will be counted for your grade. The Práctica and Actividades activities are practice and do not count for your grade, although they MUST be completed in order to move forward in the course.

Missing Cultural Activities, Speaking Assignments and Final Projects

Some students are not completing all the Actividades Culturales (Cultural Activities), the Hablar Speaking Assignments, or the Proyectos Finales (Final Projects). These assignments are critical as the Actividades Culturales are 15% of the final grade, the Hablar Speaking Assignments are 15% of your Final Grade, and the Proyectos Finales (Final Projects) are like tests, valued at 25% of the final grade. Not doing these assignments makes it mathematically impossible to pass the course, as you are missing 55% of your total grade. Please complete those missing assignments as soon as possible.

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