Toronto; the Metropolis of Canada

The Busy City of Canada

One of the most densely populated cities in the world has many differences compared to the local suburbs such as Mississauga. The great city of Toronto is every different from the cities around it. Toronto is every unique; it has many high rises such as condos and also small towns within the city such as Kensington Market and Little Italy.

Now lets talk about the differences; Toronto has a high commercial and population density. Population density is 5,778 per square kilometer, much higher than Mississauga which is 2474 people per square kilometer. The population of Toronto is particularly high near University of Toronto and the Eaton Centre. I also noticed on the trip that Toronto has many different transportation systems such as the GO train and buses, TTC street cars, subway and two airports (Toronto Person Airport and the Billy Bishop), as compared Mississauga which doesn't have a subway station or street cars. The big city has many different institutions as well, from the Air Canada Center to the CN Tower. The city has a Business District which is along Bay Street and Entertainment District along Yonge street.

What I Learned

Kensington Market

This trip was not my first trip to Toronto but it was my first time going to Kensington Market. Kensington Market was very interesting because it was comparatively different from the core of Downtown. Most of the stores were low order goods, and were only specialized for one product, such as the bread store. I also learned that Kensington Market wants to keep their community traditional, and that Loblaws wanted to build a store there, but the local residents did not want to lose their traditions by letting a medium-high order goods into the community.
Yonge and Dundas St. Intersection in Toronto (Dundas Square)

Yonge-Dundas Sqaure video

The video above shows the intersection of Yonge-Dundas square, which is the epicenter of Toronto. It is a magnet for businessman and tourists, and the intersection has Toronto's first scramble crossing and a large outdoor space used for public gatherings and concerts.

The area is busy day and night. It is just located by the Eaton Centre and AMC, also has a resembles of Times Square.