Printmaking Project

Carving a portrait into a linoleum block :)

Materials Needed

  • Linoleum block
  • Tracing paper
  • 2B+ pencil
  • Linoleum cutters (Size 1-5)
  • Printing ink
  • Various surfaces to print (practise printing) on
  • Roller and paint tray


During this process, we basically had to choose a portrait that we wanted to print onto a piece of paper (or something similar), then we had to carve this portrait out of a block of linoleum, then use black ink to transfer the image. We could use either magasine paper, newspaper or regular drawing paper.

The hardest part of this project was the carving, but it was also the most enjoyable. It was the most difficult because there was a lot of precision involved, and it was very time consuming.

This project was all in all fun to do, and it would be fun to do it again, maybe with other types of media, other ink colours, or multiple prints per page.

Favourite Part of This Project

I thought that this whole project in general was relatively enjoyable, but my favourite part of this project was the carving. However, there was a lot of pressure in the sense that we only had "one shot" to do this perfectly, and if we messed up by accidentally cutting out a line that was meant to be very clear, then there was "no turning back" so to speak.