Stuart Graham


About Stuart Graham

He was born on September 2 1896 and he died on July 16 1976. So he lived for exactly 80 years. He was born in Boston, U.S.A. but when he was 1 his family moved to Canada. He was raised in lots of different places in Canada like Wolfville, Truro, Windsor and Nova Scotia. He was also in the Canadian army. In 1915 when he was 19, he went to France but came back in 1919 when he was injured from a gunshot.
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Why is he important to air and flight?

These are some reasons why Stuart Graham was important to air and flight. He was important because he was Canada's first professional pilot. Also because he served in the Royal Naval Air Service, patrolling shipping lanes for planes.

What he created

During Stuart's career as a pilot he created a remote control landing indicator for pilots. He made it so pilots know where to land properly and so they know when to land.