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Weekly Happenings in Studio Four

Mark Your Calendars!

  • Thursday, June 9th: Market Day (See Info Below)
  • Wednesday, June 15th: Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art Field Trip
  • Friday, June 17th: Last Day of School for EPiC
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Dates for Cohorts, Session 3

June 6th: Day 3

June 7th: Day 4

June 9th: Day 5

Cohorts Website

We have made a website to guide students through each day of the passion based projects! We would love to share it with you so you can keep track of what your students are doing!

EPiCville Market Day

What is EPiCville?

EPiCville is here! Studio Four has been studying economics over the past few weeks and will be putting their knowledge to the test by not only running a city, but creating businesses as well. So far in this innovative project, students have established their own city with a running government, earned money (EPiCville Cash), and abided by laws they created. In the upcoming weeks, students will open their own businesses and learn the ins & outs of taxes, goods & services, and profit vs. loss. Our goal is that this experience helps your child understand more about entrepreneurship, economics, government, law, math, and ethics.

In addition to the business, the students will work cooperatively and actively in problem solving—trying to find creative and workable solutions to the numerous problems that occur in any city. These problems include cost-benefit analysis, supply and demand, and assessing a market.

EPiCville Businesses

In the process of creating a business, your child may ask to use items from home; or, they may ask you for advice. You will be a great help in this program by NOT ALLOWING your child to take anything for EPiCville from home without making some sort of payment to you. This includes providing advice to your child. (Yes, you must charge for this, too.) He or she can make payment through providing services to you or giving you money from our system. You can determine the appropriate amount of payment. PLEASE follow this rule because it’s important for students to understand that most things have to be earned in a real city.

Also, if you provide item(s) to your child for use in EPiCville, the total value of all items a student brings to school cannot exceed $15. Students ideally should be encouraged to think in terms of products or services they can sell or things they can create with little or no money. Again, REMEMBERyour child must “work off” the items you provide.

EPiCville Market Day

EPiCville Market Day will take place Thursday, June 9th in the afternoon. Our students will set up shop and then other studios at EPiC will be participating in shopping. When finished, our students will get to shop. All remaining items will be sent home with your child.

Students will need to bring their items to school ready for our marketplace on WEDNESDAY, June 8th morning. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Homeroom Photo App

Keep Up With Studio 4 in Photos

We are using a new App in the classroom to share photos with families. Download the Homeroom App in the app store HERE. It is similar to Instagram, but gives private access only to users with the link above. We will do our best to continually add pictures over the next few weeks. We have some very exciting events coming up!
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