McDonald's in Russia

Nick Wilson-Ran Trakhtengerts-Isabel Andrews-Lalith Sibbala

Menu Items in Russia

1. Beer Battered French Fries- 62 rubles

2. Deer burger- 124 rubles

3. Borshch and Crackers- 93 rubles

4. Beer- 186 rubles

5. Vodka- 186 rubles

6. Potato Pot Pie- 155 rubles

7. Kholodet Pot Pie- 200 rubles

8. Kotlety Burger- 124 rubles

9. Fish Burger- 124 rubles

10. Beer pancakes- 93 rubles

1 USA dollar = 31 Russian rubels

This is kholodet meat!





This is borshch!




Worker Dress Code

Workers dress code is somewhat similar to the USA's, yet they wear McDonalds jackets when its cold.

McDonald's Building Design

McDonald's building designs are not that much different from USA designs. The buildings of course of the iconic "Golden Arches".

Culture Impact on McDonald's

Russian McDonald’s show their culture through food and dress. McDonald’s employees’ dress code is a simple red apron. For women they would tie their hair back and for men they wear red caps. Dress code for American McDonald’s employees are not much different, they usually wear a similar color scheme of yellow and red and wear hats, or something to keep their hair back. As for the food, the Russians incorporate their culture by serving the Deer Burger, Kompot(a traditional fruit drink), and other types of foods/drinks. Russia puts a little twist to there foods.