Wow! What an amazing turn-out for today's soup and salad day! Thanks to all who pitched in and brought deliciousness!

Thanks to all who will be participating in the talent show. It will be fun---but most of all--our parents and staff love seeing us in a different element!


It's AWESOME to have 10 device carts here at Chandler, but with 31 classrooms, everyone using a cart must follow procedures to eliminate problems for others.

Our teachers work hard to plan and prepare for a lesson/instruction, and when a laptop or Ipad cart is not available when planned, we all know how that can throw everything off! Please note the following policies and expectations so that everyone has equal opportunity, and can carry on their instruction without additional stress.

  • Teachers using ipad or laptop carts must sign up (with integrity) on the Outlook Calendar (What does that mean? Please do not sign up for the same cart the same day and time someone else is already signed up)
  • Do not take a cart if you see that one is in the housing location and not being used without signing up first
  • Carts may only be checked out for a short period of time (not more than a week)
  • Carts may not be reserved on the calendar for the entire year (we share at Chandler). The purpose for using our wonderful carts is to support meaningful instruction as part of the curriculum--not for routine practice or free time.
  • Carts must be returned (with all devices charged and intact) at the end of each day to their housing location No cart should be returned with missing devices. If two or three are missing, it may be that Vivian is working on them, but no one should keep extra laptops or Ipads that belong to a cart in their classroom.
  • Students returning carts must make sure the laptops or Ipads are in the right numbered slot and plugged in to their slot so they can charge.
  • If you have not done so, delete the yellow laptop cart calendar on Outlook because we no longer have that cart here.


  • Ipad cart #3 and Red Laptop cart - Diane Moore's Room #234
  • Other ipad and laptops - Room 118


  • Students are doing amazing projects using technology and many of these will be displayed for Open House. Please remind your students to only print once. If it doesn't print immediately, have the student wait. The printer could be "thinking," out of ink, etc. Our printers run out of expensive ink really fast, so please tell your students to be careful and not wasteful.

PLANNING FOR 2016-2017

Teachers, you will receive employee transfer information from Human Resources the mid part of February. This may cause a little anxiety for a few, and for some may cause excitement about new opportunities. I will email you a form to complete and return to me by next Friday, February 12th.


Monday - Fire Drill 9:30, Shelter in Place to follow

Tuesday - Allen Reads - Susan Crummel 9:00-9:45

StarLight Cafe, Talent Show Practice - Participating Staff - 3:15 cafeteria

Wednesday - Grand Opening Staff Fitness Center 3:15-4:15 come and go - Science Lab

W.A.T.C.H. Dog - Harry Myers (Conor - Bates)

Thursday - TELPAS A.C.T. sessions - Room 238 during conference period

W.A.T.C.H. Dog - James White (Hannah - Betterton, Olivia - Herzog

Friday - Friendly Friday, W.A.T.C.H. Dog - Rick Adler (Ashlyn - Haydu, Ehthan - Williams)


  • Study what writers do (mentor texts)
  • Observe proficient writers at work (teacher models)
  • Write A LOT - at least once a day
  • Write about topics of choice
  • Talk about writing (before, during and after)
  • Make it real (authentic/purposeful/audience)
  • Time - focus on revising and editing for readers (want reader to understand your story/message)