June Art Newsletter

What's Happening In The Art Room?

Thank you!

A big thanks to all the students and teachers who were involved with The Norrback Arts Festival and Art In The Park. We will be hanging our installation made by our Norrback students June, 9th @ 2:30 in Elm Park near Elm Street. All who would like to watch are welcome. Students must be accompanied by a guardian.

We will be winding down projects in the Art room and students will be bringing home their Art portfolio filled with work they made during the year. Kindergarten will be performing Old MacDonald at the June Student Of The Month Assembly and will be wearing their animal masks they made in Art. We have been studying the texture and colors of fish and they also will be creating under the sea visual texture collages.

First Grade will be also will be studying actual texture and making Japanese Koi kites. Second grade will be finishing their elements of Art books and focusing on texture and using space within Art.

Third Grade will also be studying the element of space and recreating Chinese Landscape scrolls. Fourth Grade will be learning how to create one point perspective by designing cereal box drawings and fifth grade will be studying one point perspective and combining op Art and one point perspective in a design.

Sixth Grade will be learning 2 point perspective and drawing futuristic cityscapes.

Art Materials needed !

We are sill in need of brightly colored t-shirts until June 9th for our installation in Elm Park.

Thank you for donating to the Norrback Art room,


Ms. Anderson