June Art Newsletter

What's Happening In The Art Room?

Norrback Art Room News

We have so many students that have worked really hard in the art classroom this year and it was hard to pick the last students of the month but congratulations to M. Stott, B. Tran, A. Mercedes, G Berrios, J. Anokye, A. Nasto and J. Nguyen for becoming art students of the month.

We will be winding down projects in the Art room and Kindergarten students are completing their final Self portraits. I hope you see their growth from the beginning of the year.

First Grade and Second Grade will be working on their Mona Lisa Parody portraits. We will be holding a class vote to vote for the five most creative or funny one of the year and we will be hanging them up on the second floor for you to see.

Third Grade has finished their recycled bug sculptures and will be learning how to grade their own work based on criteria they came up with for this project.

Fourth grade will end the year learning how to use one and two point perspective to create there dimensional drawings.

Fifth grade has been working on flip books and writing a movie write up for each one.

Sixth grade is ending the year by creating mixed media identity collages. They have also been writing heart felt artist statements to go along with these. These pieces will be show the day of graduation.

Thank you for all your donations and if you are interested in donating to the art classroom we are always in need of glue sticks, erasers, black permanent markers, newspaper, toilet paper rolls and other recycled products you may have.


Ms. Anderson