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Are There Products Created Or Other Uses For This Energy?

  • Transportation
  • Electricity
  • Perfume
  • Golf Balls
  • Fishing Rods
  • Glue
  • Nail Polish

Who Uses It Now?

Everybody! See, Petroleum is used for LOTS of things. You know the pajamas you wear at night? Some of that is made out of Petroleum. Like it says above, some of the glue is made of Petroleum. It can even be used for transportation. Petroleum can actually be a gas, liquid, or solid!

How do we use the energy from Petroleum?

Petroleum is nonrenewable

How petroleum exploration and refining process

Where Can We Get Petroleum?????

Petroleum is located deep down inside the Earth. It has been there for probably a million years. There are holes and cracks inside the ground that Petroleum could slip out of. Scientists call these "pores". Petroleum is very hard to get to lately. The pores could have rocks blocking some of the way. So when geoligists try to get to Petroleum, it becomes harder. When the Petroleum becomes harder to get to, they use different machines to get to it easier.

The Drilling Part

Getting to Petroleum by drilling, isnt always easy. First, the geolists and egineers have to find a spot. The dill will go straight down in the ground. The idustries are now allowed to drill 5 miles away from the designated spot. The drilling calls for a motor. This motor can be located at the top (on the surface) or down at the bottom. The motor helps a pipe with a drill located at the end of it, to turn. The drill part has a feature that crushes up all of the rock it faces to get a hole in the ground.

Current production and consumption

Where I found all of this!

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