PGHS Gifted Support Newsletter: September 2014

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PGHS Gifted Support's First Bi-Quarterly Newsletter

Hello gifted students and parents. Welcome to our first edition! We've designed this flyer to keep you informed and abreast of the goings-on in gifted support. Special thanks to editor Janine Faust and assistant editors Elise Hoffman and Kate Harley for helping me with this newsletter. - Mrs. Forsyth

Ways to Reach PGHS Gifted Support

Mrs. Forsyth wants to hear from you!

Coming Soon: Bi-weekly Lunch & Learn Seminar

For those who have a fifth period study hall, you know you aren't alone! With as many as thirty gifted kids scheduled in the auditorium on any given day, it's been tough to sign out to 208, and if we all were to go at once, we'd probably wreak havoc in Mrs. Forsyth’s room. Under wraps for far too long, at last Mrs. Forsyth is offering a solution!

"Lunch & Learn" on various topics on Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting Thursday October 2nd. To participate, B and C lunch students can bring their lunch to room 208 at 11:05. You’ll be able to feed your body first, and then your brain. A lunchers should not report until 11:35. Regardless of your assigned lunch (A, B or C), if you have 5th period study hall you'll be able to stay until 12:29. So, that's the "lunch" part.

Well then, what will we "learn"?...almost anything that grabs your interest. Topics will be announced via "Remind" texts or emails, so make sure you sign up to receive notifications. Don’t worry about never being interested in any of the topics, because they are student-generated. Some ideas already floated include: Schrodinger's Cat, Pixar Theory, Quidditch, the Great Martian War, modern architecture, Anime, Arabic, manners, proprioception, nuclear disarmament, meditation, music theory, chess strategy, origami, science fiction, mythology, politics, interior design, psychology, and even grass farming. That’s right: grass farming.

The fine print: Mrs. Forsyth will have a sign-in sheet that she will send to 5th period study hall proctors, so you do not need to report to your study hall first. If you have a class instead of study hall during 5th period, but really, really love a topic, check with your teacher to see if you might be able to attend; you'll need a pass from them. If you have homework or prefer to study, or the topic du jour is not for you, stay in study hall or sign out to the library to use a computer. Have an idea of your own? Be sure to add it to the growing list in Mrs. Forsyth's room.

First "Lunch & Learn" Guest Lecture - Tuesday September 30th

What do careers in architecture, non-profits, social entrepreneurship, environmental science and stewardship, world travel, scientific research and education have in common? Wondering what is up at the new Althouse Arboretum on Gilbertsville Road?

Join your gifted compadres in the library at 10:15 on Tuesday, September 30th to learn from successful architect and adventure-loving world traveler Jack Althouse, as well as the SAVE Alliance's executive director Ken Hamilton. (Upperclassmen may remember Mr. Althouse regaling us with his discovery of an unknown pyramid, or Mr. Hamilton skyping in to our freshmen seminar to answer questions about designing an environmental education center.) We'll listen first, then lunch and discuss. Be sure to ask your 4th period teacher in advance to participate. Mrs. Forsyth will send a confirmation email to the faculty listing all students in attendance, but you are responsible for securing permission first. The event ends at 11:35, in time for 5th period.

This "Lunch & Learn" opportunity is the first in a series designed to provide insight into the wild world of the working world. How do grown-ups find their dream jobs? Is there a formula? How will you find your way? Don't worry, you CAN figure this out, but make participation in "Lunch & Learn" lectures a part of your solution.
Welcome to the Brave New World of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)

Join the MOOC Movement

At this moment, about 200 million people around the world are enrolled in a college or university, studying higher-level courses on subjects that interest them. Care to join them? Now you can, at the cost of nothing except for your time (and possibly part of your soul, if find a course you really love).

In the past few years, the use of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) has mushroomed from a few hesitant college students desperate for extra help into thousands of people from around the world learning and discussing course subjects online FOR FREE. Mrs. Forsyth loves the idea so much, she will give you credit if you finish one.

Join people of all ages and nationalities in taking courses as varied as “The Civil War and Reconstruction,” “Exploring your Microbiome,” “Leading Innovation in Arts and Culture,” “Data Structures” and “Modern and Contemporary American Poetry.” You will be taught by prestigious professors from the best universities, and you can even chat with your fellow classmates in the discussion forums. Most courses do assign quizzes or assignments on the topic, and you can share them with your online peers; receiving feedback and getting graded by them. Most MOOC run for 1-3 months, and require several hours of participation a week.

Major MOOC providers include Cousera, edX and Udacity, but more are forming all the time. For a comprehensive catalogue of options, check out Class Central or Lifehack's listing of 25 Killer Sites for Free Online Education. Did we mention they’re FREE?!?!
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Submit Your Independent Study Proposal Soon

What are you PASSIONATE about?

Shouldn't your education involve pursuing your PASSION?


Shouldn't your education help you develop your VISION?

Earn credit while you teach yourself computer programming, or perhaps how to speak Japanese. Study architecture and build a replica of the Golden Gate Bridge out of Popsicle sticks! Finally read War and Peace. Take an online course (maybe a MOOC). The possibilities are endless when it’s up to you.To learn more about proposing an independent study, see Mrs. Forsyth in room 208 or visit her webpage for details.

Senator for a Day Program

Friday, Oct. 17th, 8am-2pm

101 College Dr

Pottstown, PA

Space is limited. Sign up by October 1st.

Field Trip Opportunity: Sign Up for "Senator for a Day" Program with State Senator Bob Mensch

The legislative process of America doesn't need to be a mystery. Care to learn more about it? On Friday, October 17th, twelve Pottsgrovians will take part in State Senator Bob Mensch’s “Senator for a Day” program at Montgomery County Community College here in Pottstown. Students from schools located throughout Pennsylvania’s 24th Senatorial district, such as Boyertown and OJR will be in attendance. Participants will experience a mock legislative session, join a subcommittee, discuss and draft proposed legislation. Lunch will be provided. Space is limited and is first come-first serve, so head up to Room 208 or contact Mrs. Forsyth to secure a place. Deadline for registration is October 1st.

Job Opportunity - Get Paid to Learn About College Planning

“It would be a shame to pay too much for college” is the official motto of the College Planning Center in Pottstown. CPC aims to aid college-goers by providing information and advice on fiscal decisions so that the overwhelming process of paying for a higher education becomes a bit more easy. Every year CPC comes to Mrs. Forsyth, seeking diligent and eager interns for their firm.

Responsibilities include answering phone calls, helping with college workshops, keeping offices tidy, entering client data, setting up and assisting with college planning meetings, working with computer systems, and scanning, copying, printing, filing and shredding papers. Interns should be hard-working, personable, flexible, timely, responsible, and professional individuals.

CPC is open Monday through Saturday, and interns can expect to put in up to twenty hours a week. Only sophomores and juniors need apply, and you must be at least fifteen years of age. Because of the hours, participation in other after-school activities will most likely be limited. The number to apply is 610-422-3530. CPC is located on 1301 Glasgow Street in Pottstown. Please see Mrs. Forsyth for additional information.

PSAT Administration

Wednesday, Oct. 15th, 8-10am

HS Library

All sophomore are automatically registered. Juniors and freshmen may sign up in guidance for a cost of $14. This test is a great indicator of how you may score on the SAT, and for juniors, an opportunity to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship Program.