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You may have the best looking website in your industry, but it is pretty pointless if it cannot be found on the major search engine, especially the likes of Google. At ID Studio, as a London based Web Design agency, we are often approached by potential clients that are have this precise issue, their website has been banned or penalized by Google.

What is a penalty from Google and how can a web design team know when this has happened? Some of the warnings signs are falling back on the search engine pages, a decrease in your page rank, your first listing on Google is not for your home page or worst case scenario, your website is completely removed from all Google searches.

Google is one of the most popular search engines at the moment, it has become part of our everyday language and is often the first point of call when conducting a search. No one is immune to Google penalizing them, even some of the largest companies in the world that have their own web design team have slipped up. Some of the big names that have been penalized include the BBC in March 2013, their violation was unnatural links. Overstock were penalized for using discounts for links in February 2011, resulting in much of their site being degraded.

Below are some of the factors that can harm or get your site banned from google.

A common mistake that a lot of websites make is spamming keywords they want to rate high for. An example could be for a window cleaner located on the Isle of Wight. If they kept disproportionately using the term ‘window cleaner Isle of Wight’ Google would pick up on this. It seems rather pointless after going through the expense of getting your website designed, ruining it with poor content. Content is one of the most important aspects of web design and needs to be planned and started from the onset. Including keywords within the site is extremely important, however, the ratio needs to be right.

Linking is a great way to ensure that you do well on the search engines, however, it is also a simple way to irritate Google. You can have the best looking web design in the world, nonetheless, if you are linking to banned sites (such as hacking, known spammers, link farms etc.) it is a sure way to have your website penalized.

Hidden text is quite an old technique that Google found out about a long time ago. The technique involves including extra keywords in your site by making the font and background colour the same, web engines would see the keywords but the human eye would not. This is frowned upon and another form of keywords stuffing.

Lack of care for your website can have an adverse effect for your rankings. Having broken links, 404s errors, missing site map data etc. will all work against your website when Google is deciding its importance.Poor web design research can also lead to duplicate content. Basically put, this is content that is repeated more than once on your website or copied from elsewhere.

A great site to help your web design team understand how Google works can be found on Moz site, there is a lot of free information available, or you can register for a monthly fee with added functionality.

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