Brian's Winter

Smore by: Rebecca Jones ( Book by Gary Paulsen)

Read the best Gary Paulsen book ever.

You should read Brian's Winter because it is about a boy named Brian who has to survive in the woods. Brian was in an airplane and it crashed, then Brian was trapped in the woods. It has been getting colder in the last couple of months. Will Brian survive the winter in the woods?

About Me

About Gary Paulsen.

Gary Paulsen is 75 years old and he has written more than 175 books and 200 short stories. Gary Paulsen got ideas for his wilderness stories because when he was a kid he would run into the woods to live.

About the other Gary Paulsen Books.

Gary Paulsen has written a lot of books like the Brian series, but Gary Paulsen has more books that aren't even related.

Brian's Winter book talk.

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