Johnson's Plan

Overview of Johnson's Plan

Johnson's Plan for reconstruction included:
  1. Ratifying the 13th Amendment: Abolish Slavery
  2. Each state had to withdraw its session and swear allegiance to the Union
  3. No pardons to high ranking Confederates or owning property over $20,000

Freedmen's Bureau

What it was:

  • Established in 1865, it was passed by Congress to help former black slaves, and poor whites, in the South in the aftermath of the Civil War.
  • The Freedmen's Bureau provided food, housing, schooling, medical aid, and legal assistance to those who need it.

Johnson's Response:

  • Johnson vetoed the proposed plan.
  • Stated that it interfered with states' rights
  • Claimed that it gave preference to one group of citizens over another
  • Said it imposed a huge financial burden on the federal government
  • He also removed bureau employees that he thought were too sympathetic to blacks

Civil Rights Act 1866

What it was: