Fall 2021 Newsletter

John Sager Middle School

Principal's Message

by Scott Kasenga

Dear Sager Families,

Thank you for working with us during September. Just getting to the front doors of Sager has been a challenge. I have appreciated all the smiles and waves in the mornings and afternoons. As we settle into our routines, I want to remind every Sager family; I am here for your student and their education. We strive to provide a safe and challenging educational environment for every student. This newsletter includes various means Sager seeks to achieve these goals.

Starting on Thursday, October 14th, Sager will hold Parent-Teacher Conferences. Families and Advisory teachers will meet virtually for fifteen minutes to discuss their student's academics, attendance, and behavior. We can meet face-to-face if a family cannot make a virtual conference due to connectivity issues, language barriers, or accommodations due to disability or medical hardship. The teachers will be connecting with families about scheduling, or a family can call the Sager Office at 509.535.5300, and we will assist families as well.

Would you like to help Sager and provide safe activities for our students? The Sager Parent-Teacher Organization would love to invite family members to assist us with chaperoning events, provide snacks during testing, and reminding the teaching staff why they are so valuable for our students. Please join our PTO! We meet once a month, with our first meeting being on October 27 at 6 pm. We will meet in the Sager Staff Room.

Another way to assist Sager as a parent would be to volunteer for my Community Advisory Board. I am seeking two parents at least per grade level to bring concerns and help shape the future of John Sager Middle School. In the past, the PTO and CAB have been valued partners for guiding Sager's work.

We are working towards the return of the Sager Fall Festival. On October 29, from 6 pm to 8 pm, we plan to host eligible students (grades, attendance, and behavior) for a night of fun. We will provide Snacks, Games, Music, and Costume Competitions to benefit our Associated Student Body. If you are interested in chaperoning, please reach out to let me know as soon as possible.

Last week, I sent out a reminder about Testing Information. Currently, families can locate the testing information on the Principal Page of the Sager website. In addition, Sager will use the student results to determine where our students are as we return from the last year and a half.

Finally, thank you again for your support, and every family will attend our Parent-Teacher Conferences starting October 14.


Scott Kasenga

Walking the Classroom Walls

Fall Sports Are Back!

by Mr. Donald Ponds

Sager Fall sports are up and running! We have more than 100 students participating which is more than a quarter of our study body! This is so exciting! As a longtime coach, it has been enjoyable to see Sager students outside of our halls and classrooms. I love seeing how students express themselves differently on the practice fields/courts. Every conversation that I have had with our athletes, they tell me how much fun they are having and you can see it all over their faces.

Our student-athletes and coaches have been working hard to re- establish that balance between school work and athletic competition. For some it is a sense of normalcy as it brings routine and structure and for others (especially our 7th graders), this season is new and may be a little challenging to maintain balance. But I know they are up for the challenge!

Sager student-athletes have accepted the challenge to uphold high academic standards and appropriate behaviors to be able to practice and play alongside their teammates. Keep up the good work Sager student-athletes. Parents/guardians, keep encouraging strong academic habits as you cheer on your student!

Safety Message

by Officer Joey

First and foremost- Thank you to all the drivers students/staff for driving with caution and awareness! I know construction has been a challenge, and it will continue to be a challenge through Thanksgiving, I appreciate all our CPPS drivers for willing to adapt!

Secondly, I would like to touch on Social Media and the influence/impacts it has on our students. Please be vigilant on monitoring our kids' accounts. We are seeing things being posted on accounts that are inappropriate, harmful and disrespectful. This could lead to bullying, harassment and/or self harm. Sager would like all of our kids to feel safe, and secure while they're in attendance. Their health is paramount.

Lastly, I wanted to shed some light on cell phone usage during school hours. Students who use their cell phone irresponsibly, could wind up involved in a police report, and/or charged with a crime. For example, recording a fight at school with their cell phone. By Washington Law, this would meet the elements of Disorderly Conduct. The student, by recording, would be intentionally engaging in fighting. This has recently been witnessed, and I wanted to bring this to our students/parents attention.

Counseling Corner

by Ms. Gabi Esquivel

  • BMAC food boxes for any family who needs food, please contact me gesquivel@cpps.org or 509-525-5300

  • Coat for Kids- If your student is in need of a winter coat, please contact me gesquivel@cpps.org or 509-525-5300

  • Red Ribbon Week at Sager- October 25-29. Flyer will be sent out to families with event dates.

Sager Handbook 101 Series: Cell Phones

While we know that cell phones are an important part of our lives and assist us in connection and communication with others, please partner with us to encourage your students NOT to have their phones out during class time.

We are seeing an increase of social media influencing, inappropriate phone behaviors, cyber bullying, and academic dishonesty which all stem back to cell phones.

At Sager, we want to make sure that we are creating a safe learning environment for all of our students which means limiting cell phone usage during the school day. A quick reminder to your student about this policy would be extremely helpful.