10 Tips

For Highly Effective Web Searchers

Scroll on down for tips :D

1. Clear backgrounds. You can type 'png' after your word when searching for an image to get one with a clear or white background.

2. Fast facts. You can press Ctrl + F to open a search bar, and look for specific words or phrases on a page.

3. Capitalization does not matter. You can type 'Selena Gomez', and 'selena gomez' and get the same results.

4. Be precise. Shorten down a phrase to get better and more narrow results. Ex., Instead of searching 'How do I my pancake to flip without dropping it?' you could type 'How to flip a pancake'.

5. Use quotation marks. Say you type "black puppies wearing sweaters", it will give you results with the whole phrase in mind, rather than unwanted splitting of 'black' 'puppies' or 'sweaters'.

6. Conversions. You can use google to convert different medias. Ex., 'pounds to dollars', or 'km to miles'.

7. Cutting down. When searching images, you can click the little gray subtitle that says 'Search tools' and then narrow down the results to help you get the image you want.

8. Specific filetypes. You can type 'filetype: ___' for a specific type of file. Ex., search 'Gr 8. nelson math textbook filetype: pdf' to get a pdf.

9. Search Suggestions. When you search something, and don't quite get what you want you can scroll down and click on one of the many searches related to what you searched.

10. History. Ever been going on a search streak and then suddenly needing to see something that you've already closed? Go on history by holding the back arrow on the top right of a window to get your search history.