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Mass Communication

There is new media, old media and mass media; media is any form of mass communication. New media is today’s future; smartphones and laptops are today’s new media. These are some of the few things that keep the people of the world connected today. With the touch of a button you can send a whole paragraph. Spotty signal isn’t much of a problem anymore because as soon as your smartphone has enough signal your conversation can blow-up and continue where it left off before your signal weakened. The old media would consist of newspapers and news on the radio. Newspapers and radio are still around my dad gets the newspaper three times a week because he would rather read a paper or a book instead of reading a book online; he’s old fashion like that. Radios maybe are old but they are still relevant; we have radios in our cars, I still have one as my alarm clock. These are all types of mass media old or new. I think this is what keeps our society calm and from destroying each other. Having TV helps parents occupy their children when they need some time to themselves. The radio gives you tunes in the car to help you deal with the fact that you have been sitting in bumper to bumper traffic for the last hour. We use the media to occupy ourselves; we use our phones for music, talking, texting, games, and so much more. These phones have become our life. The social networks out there keep us updated and together. We don’t always make time to see each other in person but we text or call them when we get a chance. I don’t see my cousins very often because they live in another state but we can text or snapchat to see what’s going on in each other’s life most recently. Mass media keeps family’s that are spread out all over the world in close contact.

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Rhetorical Précis

Coca-Cola, Going all the way, (2.2.14); implies that opening a bottle of coke gives you a great feeling like scoring the winning touchdown. This commercial appeals to fans and athletes in their entirety because it shows a child athlete being happy after a win and drinking coke and then fans cheering him on as he scores; this reaffirms Coca-Colas slogan "Open Happiness." They showed this commercial in order to pump up their sales and get fans and athletes to buy coke products so they ca be happy too. Fans and athletes are the intended audience for this Superbowl commercial; the tone is hype. Everyone is pumped up and everyone is banking on this one kid to score the touch down and he gets so hype that he runs straight through the touchdown area into the street and all the way to the stadium to score.

I "See" Everything- School Prinicipal

Megan Hayes, News Reporter

Public Schools

They say God see's everything. Well in public schools God see's nothing. Half the cameras are for show, a third are for show, and the rest are looking at a wall. How are the police suppose to watch a fight that happened in a school to see who hit who first? How is anyone going to see an intruder enter the building? Oh! Right! With our eyes, because kids don't tell lies. We will take the word of a seven year old when it comes to he said she said.

Despite what parents think CHILDREN LIE! those "working cameras" are great. High schoolers love them. They think they can get away with anything! They can because these cameras suck. WooHoo we are failing to protect our kids. Lets continue to watch paint dry on walls. Who doesn't love that?

"Society would be safer if we had security cameras in public schools to catch criminals or vandalist."-Gwinnett County Under Cover Cop.

An Excerpt from a blog about Schools


The ending of 1984 was open to interpretation I believe that Winston died. He was so weak and feeble that even if The Brotherhood didn't kill him, he died soon after he was released. I liked Orwell’s work for the most part but the beginning was boring and took me forever to read. I think that this is an appropriate criticism of government in the modern world however it is really exaggerated. It’s appropriate but our government wants to control us as an entirety and wants power just to have power. I would have given the book a definite ending just because I do not like to be kept guessing about how a novel ends. I think one of the most important messages from the book are either love cannot conquer all or don’t believe everything your government tells you because you don’t know what has or has not be fabricated.

Junior Anti-Sex League

I chose this because one it represents Julia and two it represents Julia and Winston's relationship because they were sneaking around and having a relationship involving sex meanwhile shes part of a group saying that sex is bad.

Angel of Death

I chose this picture because it represents the Ministry of Love. It shows how they are the one's playing "GOD" and they are the one's picking who lives and who dies.


I chose this picture simply because this is how most of the people who betrayed Big Brother died.

My Echo

Media Literacy was an interesting class, when I was here. It was a different experience that took me some getting used to. I did not like the fact that the class was online for the most part. I would prefer to write papers on paper and do worksheets. I guess I’m old fashion like that. In this class I learned about mind control, torture, and freedom from the same book. I also learned not to rush through something; the assignments that were given to us needed time. The assignments needed time for us to think and process so that we could come up with a relevant and mature answer instead of a quick and rushed answer. Reading is not one of my favorite things, however making posters, writing about quotes, and creating S’more’s were a lot more fun than just reading. I also learned how to be more patient with people because there was a fair amount of group work; I like things done my way and done quickly. I will be taking this mostly online class experience with me. I think it will help hugely when it comes to college, mostly because you do a lot of the work on your own. I think for the future instead of reading one book and getting so in deep that everyone is so bored, sick, and tired of it, that the teacher should pick two or three books. Once the teacher has picked a couple of books they should read them aloud with the class, picking students to read, and then giving a few different activities with each book. If a teacher does this I think it will keep students more engaged and it is a literature class so more literature would be great. I also think a little more paper work would help just because people process things differently and some people work better with a physical copy, I know I do.