H2o Rehab Associates

The All New Company That Can Give Back Any Form Of Water

The Way Our Company Started

One average day in Crozet, when everyone was doing their own thing when suddenly a rain storm blew in, and it was a bad one, thunder as loud as cannons, lightning ripped through the sky, and rain came down, droplets as big as golf balls, this storm went on for hours but suddenly it started to let up. As the people from the community crawled out from their homes and got back to their daily deeds, but once everyone thought it was ok, a stray lightning bolt struck the forest and set it alight. Killing everything in its path as it raged through the woods, the fire department did not do anything because the fire was too big. As the fire raged throughout the day, it finally reached the main water source of crozet, Mint Springs. The heat of the fire evaporated the water instantly, taking life from Crozet with it. Everyone was in a state of panic because all of their water was gone. The government was trying to come up with a way to get water. I was doing the same, and finally I figured it out and I told the government my idea. My idea is

we will get some helicopters from the military and transport water from the great lakes.