Want to do Better on Tests?

Study Habits to Improve your Test Scores

Everyone wants to make good grades on their tests. But how? Hopefully you can get some helpful tips to help you with your studying.

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Study a little bit every day instead of cramming the night before.

Take about 20 minutes everyday to study new material you learned that day. That way you don't have to cram in everything you learned the night before a big test. You will do better on your tests and get more sleep because you wont be staying up all night to study.

Organize your information

Make flashcards! Use Quizlet! Organize your information so that your thoughts can be grouped together. it is easier to attain information when it is grouped together.

Use mnemonic devices

Use a rhyme, song, or other tactic to remember information.

Make visuals to remember information

Draw pictures, use photographs, look at charts to recognize information needed for a test.

Teach someone else what you have learned

go home. Find your mom, dad, sibling, friend, stranger, guy at pizza hut. Tell them what you learned and it will be easier for you to remember. You are basically explaining it to someone else so you can explain it to yourself later.

Spend extra time on information that is hard to understand

You don't understand part of a subject? Look it up and find more information in it. look up a Youtube video to explain it to you. Ask a friend who does understand the information to help you out.


It has been proven that sleep improves you memory. Try to get enough sleep every night so you can be ready to learn new information the next day.