Do you Like Breathing?

By Abby Soulis

what Smoking can do to you

Smoking can cause many things to go wrong in our bodies. Smoking can cause the lungs to get disease. You can get lung cancer from smoking. It can ruin your body, and cause you a hard life ahead.

Breathing Is Fun

Interview with Missy Soulis

Me: Why did you start?

Missy: Because i was you and it was the cool thing to do.

Me: Aren't you scared your kids might do it as well?

Missy: Yes, i have to hope they never start.

Me: Do you think its okay even though your family doesn't like it?

Missy: No its not okay.

Me: Would you stop for your kids?

Missy: Yes i will stop some day.

Me: Do you think you could save money from stopping?

Missy: Yes i could save a lot of money.

Me: What would you buy with the money?

Missy: I would probably invest the money.

Me: What got you started?

Missy: My friends.

Me: Do you think you will ever stop?

Missy: Yes.

Me: What if you got sick from it?

Missy: I would quit.

Me: What is one way you would ever consider stopping?

Missy: If my life wasn't so crazy i would.

Me: Did you ever smoke while pregnant?

Missy: No i did not.


Today you could just stop this madness that's breaking up families. Help your family gain more money and the right knowing your not going to get sick. Put the cigarette down and go with your family.
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What smoking does to nervous system

When nicotine reaches a person's nervous system it causes the nervous system to become more sensitive and stimulated. When this happens it leads to and increase in blood pressure and heart rate, faster respiration and constriction of the arteries. These are all short term effects of smoking. However, long term effects of smoking on the nervous system can be a lot more harmful. Exposure to nicotine, making a person more susceptible to conditions such as muscular sclerosis. A persons nervous system is vulnerable to chemicals. When smoking many things can happen to your nervous system.