Knots in My Yo-yo String

The autobiography of Jerry Spinelli's child hood

Jerry Spinelli was born on February 1,1941. Jerry Spinelli had a very interesting and action packed child hood full of adventures. Jerry grew up in Pennsylvania and he moved to four different houses during his childhood. Jerry was a very big fan of baseball his favorite position was shortstop. When Jerry was older he had wanted to became a professional shortstop , he loved baseball. Jerry never liked writing or reading at all, he despised it. Jerry was a very neat person. He would never color outside the lines of a coloring boo, his coloring was just one example of his neatness. Some of Jerry's favorite things to do were play baseball, hangout with his friends, and play with his yo-yo. Jerry had a few girlfriends in his childhood, first Jerry was dating Judy Brooks from first to fourth grade. Then later on in high school Jerry was dating a girl named Judy Pierson. In tenth grade Judy Pierson broke up with Jerry. Jerry Spinelli had an action packed thrilling child hood.

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Here is a picture of Jerry at age 12

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Here is a picture of Jerry Spinelli today