Unit 4.


What is your favorite TV program?

We like Superman is back, Law of the jungle, and GAG concert. Kim Deok yong likes Superman is back because he loves children. Bae Jun oh likes Law of the jungle because he likes wildness. Kim Geon ryul likes GAG concert because he likes comedy.

What newspapers and magazines do you read?

We like to read many magazines like Cine 21, current events IN, and Gamer'Z. Kim Geon ryul likes Gamer'Z because he likes CD games. Bae Jun oh likes Current events. Kim Deok yong likes Cine 21, beacause he interested in movies.
씨네21 도둑들

Which game show do you like the best?

We really like the SNL. Many people like satire. If you watch the SNL, you can find laugher.
SNL 코리아 5 E01. 140301 소치 기자회견

What commercials do you like and hate the most?

We really love 'Panda cheese' commercial. We hate commercials about insurance. We think 'Panda cheese' is very fun. We don't like boring commercials.
판다 치즈, 안 먹는다는 말은 절대 하지 마세 네이버블로그
라이나생명 OK실버보험

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