May Ends a Great Semester

Mrs. Richards Technology Education

Technology Education and Gateway Engineering

June 3rd will be here before I have a chance to catch my breath. I would be lying if I said I don't look forward to summer each year. Unstructured time to reconnect with my family, get back to projects long left idle, sleep late, stay up late, play some favorite games, read some really great books.....wait, that sounds like a plan for all of us! Summer is good time to decompress and re-engergize for the coming days of fall. The days are flying by here at Schimelpfenig.

It has been my pleasure to teach your children, to watch them grow in stature and in character. Every once in awhile I actually feel as though I have taught them something new.

: ^ )

I will miss them, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I have great hopes for your children, hopes for strong family ties, days full of wonder, futures bright with surprises. I was suppose to teach them about technology, careers, college skills. As usual, I think I learned more than they did. I do hope they heard a word or two. I tried to teach them about themselves and the powers they hold over who they are, who they will become. Technology is always the vehicle. The students are the drivers. I am merely a back seat driver. I will miss their great moments of "AHA!"

We do the best we can here in the classroom. You do the best you can at home. Perhaps some of the good in us will rub off on them. I hope so.

I wish each family much love, joy, and courage to move through the coming years. Yours kiddos are just the best. I am so very glad they came my way. Even when they leave my classroom, they are mine. They are welcome here any day, any year. Remind them to collect knowledge not points. To rebound as high as they can when they fall. That falling is not failure, just another lesson to learn.

We are blessed here at Schimelpfenig to teach in a community that values education and hard work. Thank you for a great year.


Terri Richards

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