Pics. of the Six Preamble Purposes

By Devyn Hauser

Form Perfect Union

To form a more perfect union the state would have to cooperate and come to a agrement on a problem.This shows the people working together to make a perfect union and them cooperating.

Estabish Justice

If the state would want to establish justice they would have to form a court system.This picture shows the Justice statue on a coin and she is to represent balance and peace for liberty.

Insure Domestic Tranquiltiy

The government would like to insure domestic tranquility they would have to make peace with other countries.The picture shows how people are cooperating and making peace by shaking hands.

Provide Common Defense

If the state was to provide a common defense they would have to maintain armed forces.This shows our military which can provide us safety from other countries that are at war with the United States of America also they protect our government officials from harm but the picture is not of the National Guard that protects them.

Promote Genral Warfare

If the government was to promote general warfare they would have to have the well being of others.The picture shows a man trying to help the general welfare as if it was a person that was sick, and is like the government trying to fix our general warfare in our country.

Secure The Blessing of Liberty

The government would have to make America's basic rights to achieve blessing of liberty This picture shows the statue of liberty which is a sign of our liberty that we got when our liberty from the Revolutionary war.