Globalization In Australia


4 Catagories of Globalization

Technology - application of tools and methods: the study, development, and usage of devices, machines, and techniques for manufacturing and productive systems.


ideas relating to the customs and social behavior,of a society in groups.

Environmental - relating to the natural world and the impact of human activity on its condition

Economical- giving great value or service with relation to the amount of money, time, or effort spent.

Problems of transfering goods and services between Australia and the U.S.

Technological problems- Planes should be able to carry more goods.

Cultural problems- Some of the country's that us and Australia do not talk to, cause less trade or sale opportunities.

Environmental- The fuel which planes use are bad for the environment.

Economical- It could hinder our country by buying stuff from them instead of getting the resources from somewhere near us.

Statements from the maps

You can tell the physical features and the places in Australia, along with animals and resources found in that area

Hypothesis From The Maps

People live near the coast of Australia. People do not seem to like living near the center.

I think the coasts have most of the tourist attractions, where the middle has the land where all the Kangaroos and the Koalas are.

Australia Great Barrier Reef

Procedure of natural rescources

Australia is one of the best mineral producing country's in the world. It's vast majority of different minerals causes country's like ours to buy from them.
Penny Skateboards X The Hundreds

Relationship with Globalization

Over the years I have bought many things from other country's one of which being the penny board. A common pattern is the Time that the penny board took to make and be assembled. I ordered it from the headquarters where penny makes the boards, and it took more than 30 days.

Globalization ups and downs

The Good- we have instant communication with people around the world

We can learn people's languages and culture

We can receive products that other country's have to offer.

The Bad- It is bad for the United states to buy from other people when we are already in so much debt.

Transportation is bad for the environment.

More arguments can occur between different countries.

How Globalization Affects Me

Globalization affects me because I travel to other countries on vacation a-lot. And many of the stuff I own are not made in the United States. Youtube videos I watch are from other places and even the food I eat originated elsewhere. I use Globalization every day.