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Norfolk Junior High

By McKenna Bettin
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My Feature Story

Did you know that over the past 500 years, we know that approximately 1,000 species have gone extinct? Around the world there are 2,054 species that are endangered or threatened, and 1,436 of those species come from the United States. An endangered animal means that animal is close to extinction. There are many reasons why animals get endangered or extinct, but the two most common reasons are habitat destruction and hunting/trading. Habitat destruction is when a person clears an animal’s habitat to make room for living area or food. Hunting and trading is when a person hunts a certain animal for its bone, fur, or any other item that can give them a good amount of money. Another reason is global warming, which has affected over 28,000 animals, endangered and non endangered. The two most endangered habitats are the rainforest and the freshwater. The rain forest lost over 17% of its forest cover over the past century because of human activity. The freshwater habitat is one of the most endangered because of human development, pollution, and climate change. Only a total of 3% of the worlds land is protected from hunting or harming animals. Those are some of the many reasons why we lose more and more animals each year.
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Movie Review over Captain Phillips

Captain Phillips tells the story of the 2009 hijacking by Somali pirates of the US- flagged MV Maersk Alabama, which was the first cargo ship to be hijacked in 200 years. Captain Phillips (played by Tom Hanks) is cruising along the coast of Somalia in the United States container with a full load, when two skiff loads of armed Somalis close in. The pirates, who are working for a warlord in their impoverished country, soon board the giant ship and are very pleased of what they find. The pirates are conflicted, desperate, and armed, but they are quickly immersed in an impossible situation. When everyone finds out about the villains on the ship it turns into a battle zone, but my favorite thing about the movie is that Captain Phillips doesn't suddenly get super strength and save everybody, he is simply a captain caring about his ship and passengers. So, if the captain doesn't gain his super strength, then what happens? Watch Captain Phillips to find out.

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Nursery Rhyme

On Saturday, March 21st, a little girl named Cheyenne, but known as Little Red Riding Hood reported that she was stalked by a mysterious creature in the forest on the way to her grandmother’s house and then later attacked by the creature including the grandmother. The eleven-year-old girl was sent to her grandmother’s house by her mother to give her some food because she was very ill. So the little girl took off, but got distracted not long after by some flowers and butterflies. When the little girl was finished picking flowers, she noticed she lost the path and just a couple seconds later an unknown creature jumped out from behind the bushes and tried to eat her and the food. The little girl took off and later found the path to her grandmother’s house, but the little girl did not know that the creature knew exactly where the grandma’s house was and the creature was running there as fast as it could. Just a couple minutes later the creature got to the grandmother’s house and barged inside and swallowed the grandmother and put her clothes on and got into her bed. Not that long after, the little girl came inside and was attacked by the creature by being swallowed too, but thankfully a hunter found the wolf and shot him. Later doctors got the two girls out and they are now in the hospital, but are said to be getting out in a couple of days with minor injuries.

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McKenna graduated early from a California high school on the honor roll. During high school, she tried many different things. She tried volleyball, yearbook, student council, and worked at Wendy’s outside of school. Not long after finishing high school, she got accepted to the University of California at Berkeley to major in computer science. When she graduated from college six years later with a master’s degree she went to look for a job. As she searched for a job, she found her husband of now 14 years of marriage. McKenna and her husband got a small house in the middle of a big town in California. Only a couple months later, she was asked if she wanted a job in the company Apple. Of course she accepted, but only had a small part in the business. As she continued working hard for the next couple of years, she found out she was pregnant with her first child. At the age of 28 she had given birth to a baby boy. Since the house she and her husband lived in was a little too crowded with a new baby, they moved to an even bigger house on the side of a beach in California. When she went back to work for Apple, she was promoted to being a CEO. She excitedly said yes to being promoted, but she would have to move to New York City to work for a different Apple company. At the age of 30 McKenna, her husband, and her two-year-old child moved to New York City and got a large house near the company. About three years later, she gave birth to twins, one girl and one boy. Now at the age of fort, she still works at Apple, but works on scrapbooking when she is not at work. McKenna hopes to start traveling more with her family, when her kids get a little bit older.

Favorite App

Stick around is an app that helps you study for any type of class. To study on the app all the teacher has to do is make a puzzle for a coming up quiz/test or just for review. When you find a puzzle you drag labels to the right spot on the picture. You can even get a competition going with the class because when you start a puzzle you get timed. You don’t even have to wait for a teacher to make a puzzle because it is very easy to make one yourself! All you have to do is pick a background or you can draw; then add as many boxes with answers in them to label the picture, then after that just make an answer key. I think Stick Around is the best app to play puzzles and review for classes.

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Motivational Ad

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