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Nothing like October Baseball....

One of my favorite places on earth is Progressive Field the home of the Indians. I am fortunate that my wife loves it as much as I do, just about as much as our passion for education. I guess it makes sense since MLB baseball teams play a possible 182 games to win a World Series. Teachers put in 180 plus days a year in their own "season" each year. Baseball and Teaching in the modern era are both based on so many data points that no one really knows what they mean. The people that really know the worth and value of what is happening are those players and teachers involved in the daily struggle of the season or school year.

Baseball seasons and School years are full of highs and lows. There isn't much a much better feeling in the world than a walk-off to end a game or much worse of a feeling when your closer blows a save. In the classroom, l get that same uplifting feeling when kids get that light bulb moment. I also get that gut-wrenching feeling when I can't break through to a kid and they continue to struggle. I also fully understand the joy and frustrations that can happen towards the end of a season or school year.

So in short, embrace the highs and the lows, the tears and the joys, the peanuts and the cracker jacks, and the frantic pace of the year. Baseball and Education are beautiful things and it takes everyone to make it work. I sure am glad to be a part of this team here at Albion Elementary.



If you didn't hear....

The state rated us a 'D' it was in the paper a day or two ago. Since we have moved to a standards-based grade card we know that grade fails to reflect your talents and the things you do for our kids each day. So keeping up with the Indians theme today their Hype video below pretty much sums up what I think about what our letter grade means. Listen to the lyrics and I hope you get the same feeling on the direction we would like to move to here at AE.

Upcoming Events

  • October 9 Fire Prevention Day - Kdg 8:45, 2nd 9:50, 4th 10:55 NO PARKING IN THE WEST SIDE PARKING LOT ON MONDAY
  • October 12 - End of grading period
  • October 12- October 17 E-learning Window for The Closing on Sept 14
  • October 17 - Send home report cards
  • October 30 Section 125 for all staff
  • Nov-13-17 3rd Grade Swimming at YMCA