The Student Council

How 4B terms apply to this group:

Asch Experiment

A major part of being a student council member is voting at the meetings. It is difficult to be the only one to vote for or against a motion. Because of this, it is easy to conform to the rest of the group and vote with everyone else. This conformity is similar to that seen in the Asch experiment.

Zimbardo Experiment

Like in the Zimbardo experiment, student council members have different roles and fulfill these roles in different ways. It is up to each council member to not abuse his or her role like the prison guards did in the Zimbardo experiment.

Milgram Experiment

Like the Milgram experiment, student council deals with the pressure of authority figures and obedience. As a student council member, there is pressure to set a good example for the rest of the student body. However, this pressure is increased when an authority figure is close by, similar to the Milgram experiment.


As I mentioned previously, a major job of the student council members is to vote on behalf of the student body. It can be easy to conform to the rest of the council's votes when you are the only one voting a certain way. However, it is each council member's responsibility to show this kind of leadership.


As a student council member elected by peers, you are given more authority than most other students because you host most social events at school and have the authority to make decisions collectively with the rest of the council regarding the whole school and student body. It is each council member's responsibility to respect this authority.


There are high expectations for each council member to set a good example for the rest of the student body, especially in the classroom. This requires each council member to be obedient to the teacher.

Fundamental Attribution Error

During student council meetings, stressful or pressing topics sometimes come up for the council to resolve. This involves lengthy discussion and often involves several members explaining a situation in his or her own words. This often leads to the fundamental attribution error because he or she will emphasize what is wrong with the situation when telling the story and make everything else blend together.

Self-Serving Bias

One of the major responsibilities of a council member is to take credit for your mistakes and your achievements. Taking credit for your mistakes, especially if it involves more than just one person, requires the elimination of the self-serving bias because one cannot take credit for his mistakes and blame them on external factors at the same time.

Group Polarization

Group polarization is something that must be looked out for in student council because the council is an enthusiastic and passionate group of students. If an idea comes up without any opposition, it is likely that group will change its attitude in favor of the idea and the idea will keep growing until it becomes extreme.

Group Think

Group think must also be looked out for on student council because of the group of students. Luckily, most of the council members are quite independent thinkers and leaders, so group think does not occur often but sometimes people will begin to follow one idea and lose their ability to make sound judgments regarding the idea.