Beach litter

Litter is the result of rubbish left by beachgoers, items thrown overboard by boaters, and material dumped into the oceans by industry.

Litter from the beach can blow into the ocean, while litter in the water can wash up on shore. It is harmful and illegal, and costs a lot of money to clean up.

Apart from looking awful and spoiling our beaches, we need to understand the damage litter can do to wildlife and the environment.

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Dangers to Wildlife

Plastic, one of the most common items of litter dropped on beaches, can be deadly.

Wildlife can get tangled in plastic loops that hold cans together, causing them to become injured or even die.

Plastic bags and other plastic materials are sometimes swallowed by birds, dolphins, whales and other sea life because they mistake bags for food.

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Water Pollution

Rubbish dropped on the beach gets washed into the water and can poison it.

Plastic breaks down into tiny pieces over time, and these small particles can be swallowed by sea animals.

This litter is a serious health risk. Swimming in polluted waters can cause nasty illnesses.

Food poisoning may occur if you eat shellfish that comes from toxic waters.