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Octane and Oxygen

2C8H18+25O2 -> 16CO2+18H2O

Octane + Oxygen yields to Carbon Dioxide + Dihydrogenoxide

A combustion type of reaction

This reaction is used to produce gasoline, a transparent petroleum-derived liquid that is used primarily as fuel for engines.

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Step 1: Write a balanced equation for the reaction.

Balance the equation by looking at each element seperatly and what amount of atoms the have, ONLY CHANGE COEFFICIENTS DON'T CHANGE SUBSCRIPTS! put a coefficient in front of each compound until each separate element is even with its counter element on the other side of the equation
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A stands for given

B stands for what you are trying to find out

step 2: Write the given mass on a factor-label form.

Put the given mass (mass A) into the top of the first column (Use Dimensional Analysis)

Ex. A sample of contains 125g of Iron (the I25g is given so it is your mass A)

Step 3: Convert mass of reactant to moles of reactant.

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Step 4: Put coefficients of A (lower) and B (upper) into third columns

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Fill in last two open sections (upper second and lower fourth) with one mole representing mole A and B

Step 6: Pick up the calculator and do the math

multiple all of the top numbers together, then multiply the bottom numbers together, next divide the bottom sum by the top to get your answer
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Stoichiometry: Chemistry for Massive Creatures - Crash Course Chemistry #6