How To Use A Compass!

By Malique S. Tai


Using a handheld compass is a fun and easy way to learn about navigating on land using geographical directions and how to search for and find a particular spot. You can also use a compass and map to figure out how to get from one specific place to another and even to help you find your way if you get lost in the wilderness. The most basic function of a compass is to figure out the direction you want to go.

Steps Of Using A Compass

1) hold it flat and hold it so that you look straight down to see the face of the compass.

2) allow the needle to come to rest.

3) rotate the compass slowly until N matches with the needle tip.

Now you can determine which way west, east south are...

Extra Information

The two magnetic poles, one in the north and one in the south, affect compasses by the magnetic waves that they send off. Say you were in the northern hemisphere, your compass arrow would be pointing north. If you were in the southern hemisphere your compass arrow would be pointing south.