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My life

I am a 8th grader at GEMS. I am 14 years old. I love being able to provide people with knowledgeable information. My favorite football team is the Dallas Cowboys. WE DEM BOYZ! My favorite basketball team is the windy city Chicago Bulls. My favorite subject in school is math. My favorite superhero is Superman. When I grow up I want to be a tax attorney. I play all sports except for tennis, soccer, and cross country. I like to keep myself in shape so I join all the sports I can. My hobbies are playing games, playing basketball, and using Ifunny.

The superwomen of my life!!

My mom is my favorite superhero. She is always there when I need her or even when I just need a little push. She is always keeping up on what I'm doing and making sure I'm always on the right track. She is a substitute teacher for the district so she always tells me not to be like the other kids. She tells me to be my own person and don't listen to the bad voices in the school.


Come out to Finish Line and check out the new Jordan shoes. Come join the crowd and fly with us to greatness.
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NBA Top 10 Playoffs Dunks: 2011 Chicago Bulls