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Basic Information

Mobile phones are one of the major causes of debt for Australians, particularly young people. So when choosing a phone, pick one that suits your needs and your budget! Consider things like how you will pay maybe consider prepay instead of a plan because you don't want get stuck in a bad situation.

Buying a Mobile Phone

When buying a mobile phone you should:

    • Shop around as much as possible.

    • Compare different plans and prices.

    • Not let yourself feel pressured by salespeople to sign up on the spot.

    • Think about whether you should go pre-paid or on a plan.


1. Read the contract and no what your signing on to

2. Make sure you have an adequate cooling off period Just in case you change your mind

3. If you can't pay your bill

- Contact your service provider immediately! Ask for an extension of time to pay what you still owe if they agree to this you should get a copy of this in writing to prove it!

- Remember if you don’t pay your bill the phone company can: Ring and write to you demanding that you pay, Ultimately take you to court.

- If you are in real trouble and think you won’t be able to pay the debt at all then you should get financial and legal advice immediately.

4. If you want to downloads ringtones and other things on your phone remember premium charges apply so inquire before using these service as it can be very costly

If you need help

If you think you’ve been overcharged or are paying for something you didn’t ask for you should contact the service provider immediately. If they don’t help you satisfactorily you can contact, theTelecommunications Industry Ombudsman

Also, for advice and referral:

Consumer Affairs Victoria Helpline For your nearest financial counsellor and information on credit and debt issues

Consumer Action Law Centre Consumer Action Law Centre is a specialist community legal centre providing legal advice and assistance around consumer and credit related issues.

MoneyHelp which is a free phone financial counselling service for those who have recently lost a job or had their work hours reduced or who are experiencing mortgage or rental stress

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)

Or for legal advice contact YouthLaw