Grizzly Gazette- 10/4/21

West Briar MS School Updates: Week 7

Principal's Message

Happy start to the new Grading Cycle (2) as Tuesday, 10/4 marks it's start and Cycle 1 Report Cards will go out Friday, October 8th. If you haven't already, consider creating your account in HISD Connect to stay on top of your student's grades. Having a sixth grader myself, this has proven to be an excellent way to teach him to be accountable for his own grades but also to step in, when necessary.

Let's make it a great week to be a Grizzly!


Calendar Updates

  • Monday, 10/4- Teacher Service Day (no school for students)
  • Monday, 10/18- Fall Pictures (more info TBA)

TikTok Challenges/ Digital Footprints

In the last few weeks, I've shared two Tick Tok Challenges (Devious Licks & Challenge of the month) that attempt to persuade students into participating in destructive (and illegal) activities. If you have not heard of these trends, review the photo at right and link below showing how these have spread across the nation/media outlets.

  • The picture at right is what has been sent around to warn school staff and authorities of the Challenge. (* Warning- this image is graphic and details inappropriate actions.)
  • USA Today- TikTok Challenges 10/1/2021

Continue to have conversations with your students about the lasting implications of contributing to a negative digital footprint. Everything you do online and especially on social media - can be traced, saved, and have a good or bad implication into who you are as an individual. Let's teach our Grizzlies about paving a positive digital foundation- one that they are proud of when beginning to search for colleges or jobs in their not-so-distant future.

Big picture

#Grizzly Values Challenges

Students who have been making right choices and displaying #GrizzlyValues, will be randomly selected to have Patio Lunch for the entire week. Each week I will select a new list of students to sit outside, on our patio during lunch.

Finally, our Student of the Month is back! September Students of the Month will be announced this week.

  • Anyone looking to promote positive change online can check out: #MakeKindnesstheNorm @RAK at School
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HB 4545 Parent Letter

The HB 4545 Parent Letter has been sent home for parents to complete and return to school. They can return this form to any Grade-Level House Secretary or the Front Desk. Details about what this letter means are explained on the top letter from Principal Mishlan, but can also be found on the West Briar HB 4545 Page.

The HB 4545 Parent Letter is also found in each student's HISD Connect Portal where parents can also fill out this form.

*Accelerated Instruction (tutoring) will only be provided to students in content areas that they Did Not Meet Grade-Level Standard on the 2021 STAAR Test or the TEA BOY Assessment.

Completing Forms in HISD Connect Parent Portal

West Briar PTO General Meeting

Tuesday, Oct. 5th, 5pm

This is an online event.

West Briar's PTO Meeting on Tuesday will be held virtually. Simply click on the link below to participate:

WBMS PTO Meeting Tuesday, October 5th- 5PM Meeting Link

**Also follow @wbmspto on Twitter for the latest updates and campus info!

West Briar PTO

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