The Ticehurst/Flint Newsletter

The Week of November 4-8

Novel Presentations

Once again, I have been so impressed with the book reports presented by your children this past week! Keep up the great work!!!!!

Please remember that presentations must include: (1) an introduction to the characters, (2) a summary of the main events (without giving away the ending!), (3) an explanation of why or why not your child enjoyed the book, and (4) a good visual.

Because November and December are both short months, I have decided to have the kiddos do only 1 presentation! November/December Novel Presentations will be due the week of December 16-20!!!!! Your child will not have anything to turn in for the month of November! I truly hope this helps with the hectic-ness of the season!!!

Mrs. Ticehurst

October Most Valuable Mav's!!!!!


ELAR Tutoring will be held on Wednesday OR Friday, before school, from 7:30-8:00 am

Math Tutoring will be held on Thursday, after school, from 3:00-4:00 pm

ALL STUDENTS should also be utilizing iStation & Think Through Math at home!!!!! Remember that your students now have access to Discovery Education at home! Log-in ID is MYKsSTUDENT ID (ex: MYKs12345) & Password is "greencap". We hope to use the "Board Builder" feature later in the year to create science projects!


  • We hope you all enjoyed a fun and safe Halloween with your kiddos! Please limit the amount of candy that your child brings to school for snack and/or lunch!!!
  • Be sure to sign your child's planner each night.
  • Look for Tuesday Folders on Tuesdays :-)
  • Homework will go out each week on Friday, and be turned in on Thursday of the following week.
  • Please remember that if you have e*mailed us and you have not gotten a response within 24 hours, please try again!!!!!
  • The Guidance Focus for November is CITIZENSHIP !!!

Things to look forward to:


November 1st- Mav Dad's First Friday Lunch

November 5th- Chipotle Night

November 6th- Mrs. Little's Birthday

November 12th- PTA Board Meeting 6:30 pm

November 14th- PTA Meeting 6:30 pm

November 15th- Book Fair Opens

November 18th-22nd- Thankful for Parents Lunches

November 19th- Chick-Fil-A Night hosted by 3rd Grade & Specials

November 21st- Book Fair Closes

November 22nd- Mav Fan Jam

November 25th-29th- Thanksgiving Break

Content Objectives

Reading: Trickster Tales

Writing: This week we will be using posters from the book "The Mysteries of Harris Burdick" by Chris Van Allsburg to complete different writing activities, including writing a good introduction, using sensory details, practicing "show not tell", and use of good adjectives

Social Studies: Continuing with "Texas Long Ago"

Math: Division

Science: "Take a Look Around You" Unit