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December Newsletter

In this month's flyer:
  • Keep Sending Those HyVee Receipts!
  • Book Fair Raises Some BIG $$$!
  • Third Grade Film Festival
  • 3D Printer is Up and Running
  • Hour of Code with 3rd and 4th Grade

Keep Sending Those HyVee Receipts!

Thank you to everyone who has been bringing their HyVee receipts! Because of you, we have raised over $200 for the library! That is a lot of receipts and a lot of groceries :)! Remember: every dollar spent at HyVee counts for something big!

Book Fair Raises Some BIG $$$!

Thank you to all who visited the Book Fair this past October. Because of you, the media center was able to raise $1200! This was enough to purchase some really cool items for our makerspace:

I am excited to include these as part of the makerspace when students get back from winter break!

Third Grade Film Festival

Mr. D's third grade class showcased their versions of famous fables through the app, Perfect Video. Parents and all the third graders were able to watch and vote on the movie they thought was the best. Congratulations, Aden K., for getting the most votes!

3D Printer is Up and Running! Special Thanks to SEEMECNC for donating it and David Rinaldi for asking AND building our 3D printer!

Assembling Hillcrest STEAM Academy's Rostock Max V2 3D Printer Donated by SeeMeCNC

Hour of Code 2015 with Mrs. Scudder and Mrs. Watt's Classes

About Mrs. Appling

Mrs. Appling has been teaching for six years for Belton School District. Four of those were spent educating 7th and 8th graders on the fabulousness of English Language Arts; the other two years were spent as an elementary library media specialist.

Some passions of hers include: literature, connecting kids and technology to the outside world, and providing avenues for students to be creative, innovative, and collaborative.