11500 Geranium

Across from Heritage HS


Peterman is an indoor kitty. He is very shy, and you probably won't even see him. His food is in the laundry room. And his water is on the floor by the kitchen table.
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Babu is an indoor kitty who has been banished outdoors. Hear/see the fan in the dining room? He did that. He pees on things when he's mad. And when we leave, he gets mad. His food/water is on the grill. Please try to keep him outside.


Fluffy is a stray cat who now eats at our house. He is tan and brown. He is a nice kitty; just wash your hands after you pet him because there's no telling what he's been into! I usually try to fill up two bowls of food outside for the kitties.

Other Duties

Zoey and Molly say THANK YOU! You do not need to empty the litter box or anything else. Just come over, refill food and water, pet them if they come around, and that's all.


Don't worry if for some reason Babu escapes into the house. He has been known to whine and swat at pet sitters. He is harmless but loud. So, if he gets in and you can't catch him, then don't worry about it too much. He is declawed in the front and is more "bark than bite," if you know what i mean....