Underage Use Of Tobacco

By: Lacey & Kelsey

Numbers and Statistics

Underage smoking is a major health threat among U.S children and teans

Almost 25% of U.S high school students smoke

8% of them smokeless tobacco products

Estimated 30% of young smokers will eventually develop long-term smoking habits and will die early from a tobacco related condition.

What is Tobacco?

Tobacco is a broad leaf plant in North and SouthAmerica. Its leaves are dried, cured,and ground up to form the kind of tobacco that people consume. Alot of the people in the Western world consume tobacco primarily by smoking it and chewing it.Tobacco isused to make cigarettes and cigars. It is also used to smoke in pipes. Also Chewing tobacco comes in several forms,including snuff and plugs.


* Peer Pressure

*Tobacco Commercials

*Desire to appear older, more mature, or to rebel against their parents.

Health Effects

Smoking is responsible for almost 1/3 of cancer deaths in the United States

Smoking has linked to the development of pneumonia, leukemia, heart disease and reproductive problems.

Addiction and Withdrawal

People who start smoking before the age of 21 have more difficulty quitting than those who try tobacco products later in life.

Irritability, increased appetite, headache and anxiety are some of the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, these things often cause smokers to resume their habit.

A Big Problem

A report published on June 2006, tobacco users mains the leading preventable cause of death in the UnitedStates. Each year,more than 440,000 Americans die from a disease that is related to tobacco use. Cigarette smoking alone accounts for 30 percent of all cancer cases.

Pressure From Advertising

Cigarette advertising is seen by countless people underage eighteen. The legal age for tobacco use.The federal government and such as the American Cancer Society and the American Medical Association have criticized the tobacco companies, and they are the people that are advertising, aimed at youth.

Saying No

Some of the reasons why Teens may smoke are to..

*feel more accepted by other smokers.

This influence by friends or acquaintances to try something that could be harmful is called peer pressure. This is the most common and number-one reason why young people start to smoke. Peer pressure isn’t a good reason to start smoking. They will do anything else they don’t want to do,for that matter.That doesn’t make it easy to avoid.


In1970 the Public Health Cigarette Smoking Act mandated stronger warnings on all packages of cigarettes. Now today smoking-free laws are becoming more and more common across the country. Also smoking-freelaw banning the use of smoking materials. Some of the areas that they are banning are public buildings and restaurants