Alyssa Haydon, Jasmine Jones, and Jenna Brandt

How Medicine Emerged In Egypt

Medicine emerged in Egypt during the course of embalming the dead. While they did this, they learned a lot about the human body. I know this because in the book it states, "In the course of embalming the dead, the Egyptians learned much about the human body." This means that while they mummified the dead, they were beginning to know a lot more about the human body. In conclusion, medicine emerged during mummification.

I got this information from the book.

What Type of Medicine?

The medicines Ancient Egyptians practiced is herbs and drugs. Types of herbs such as honey, willow, mint, and pomegranate helped sick or injured Ancient Egyptians. Honey was to help burns and wounds. Willow helps people wit tooth aches and making aspirin. Mint helps gastric ailments, and is still used today helping many people. Last but not least, is pomegranate. Pomegranate helps cure infestations from parasitic and worms. This fruit paralyzes the worms causing them to not move or budge. A lot of medicines and cures used back when Ancient Egyptians were alive are still used today. Even though some aren't still used, scientists still find cures and many different medicines to help a lot of people.

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The Mummification Process

The mummification process is what the Ancient Egyptians used to put the pharaohs in the pyramids to worship them. First, in this process is the embalming. during this, the priests remove the organs of the body. In order to remove the brain, they didn't think that it was that important so they stuck something up the nose and liquified the brains and let it slowly fall out. Natron is then applied to the body. After that, it is stored for many days to dry. Next, the body is filled with spices and perfumes, then stitched closed. Then, it was cleaned with oils and tightly wrapped with long strips of linen. The wrapped body is now known as a mummy and was put in several wooden coffins, one fitting inside the other. As a final point, the mummification process is very in depth and sometimes complicated.

Why Medicine is Important to us Today

Medicine is important to us today because we use it to heal our wounds. We also use medicine to cure bad illnesses and colds that people may get. Another way medicine is important to us is when people go to the hospital, they will most likely get a prescription or medicine. When the person takes these, they can be treated or cured. Lastly, it is needed by us now because we need these to live because when people are sick, they needed to be treated. In conclusion, medicine is crucial to us today, in order to live.