Mrs. Cormack's Class Newsletter

For the Week of February 10th-14th

What We Will Be Learning This Week

Math: It’s time to put everything we’ve learned and reviewed into action! This week we’ll be subtracting double digits (41-17=m), 3 digits (231-156=m), and some of the class can try 4 digits (1,289 - 1,042=m). We’ve been practicing using a variety of strategies to solve then check our answers for correctness. The students who have practiced their math facts routinely are quickly solving problems IN THEIR HEADS that have multiple digits!! Keep up the practice!

Please email me if you could send conversation hearts for an activity in math this week!!

Reading: This week we will wrap up our poetry unit. On Monday, we will discuss idioms and the literal and non-literal meanings of these phrases. Tuesday-Friday we will write a variety of poems: color poems to convey sensory language and strong mental images, Bio poems that express feelings, and Cinquains. Cinquains require students to use different parts of speech to describe a topic.

Writing: As students study different elements of poetry, they will have the opportunity to create their own poems with repetition, rhyming and sensory language. We will continue to practice writing the poems discussed in the Reading section.

Science: To begin the week students will be observing their plants from the previous week and determining what happens when one of the basic needs isn’t met. After that, students will compare and give examples of the ways living organisms depend on each other and on their environments such as food chains within a garden, park, beach, lake, and wooded area. Students will be working in small groups and independently to create a food chain.

Grammar/Word Study: Students will continue the sorts they had from the previous week. We will also continue our study or parts of speech.

High Fives

Students will be taking home their Poetry Spirals on Thursday, February 6th. Please read over their work, and return the notebooks on Friday, February 7 for us to continue using in class.

Spotlight Stallion

Peter will be going home with Mariam this week!! Way to go Mariam! We are proud of you and your hard work. Check back to see who Peter goes home with next week!

Valentine's Grams

Valentine Grams are coming to Sommer!

Sommer Elementary Student Council will be selling Valentine Grams on the mornings of Monday, February 10th through Thursday, February 13th. We will make a special delivery on Valentine’s Day for each Valentine purchased.

Student Council will have a table set up in the main hallway on the days leading up to Valentine’s Day. They will be selling a Valentine’s themed fishtail rubber band bracelet with a Valentine’s message. One Valentine’s Bracelet with a message will cost $2.00. There will only be a limited number of bracelets available, so get them while supplies last!

The Sommer Student Council will be using this money as a fundraiser to help pay for our annual leadership workshop and to complete service projects to better our school and community.

Please help support Sommer Elementary Student Council by purchasing a Valentine’s Gram!

Valentine Cards for Dell Children's Hospital

The PTA Community Service program is supporting a project through Dell Children’s Medical Center to make Valentine’s cards for children in the hospital. We are asking Patsy Sommer students to bring in either a homemade or a store bought card wishing the child a Happy Valentine’s Day.

Make your card cheerful, creative & uplifting. Phrases such as “hope you feel better soon”, “get well” or “thinking about you” can be included in the message. Dell asks that you DO NOT INCLUDE phrases such as “hope your cancer goes away”. The cards can be addressed to “A Special Valentine” or “Someone Special”. We are asking for all cards to be turned in to your classroom by Friday, February 7th. Please do not include any candy.

It's so easy to help brighten a child's day. Just make one extra Valentine's card when you are making cards for your class. There are approximately 200 children staying at the Medical Center right now and we'd love for each child to receive a card. The PTA & Dell Children’s Medical Center appreciate your help.

On the Calendar

Friday, Feb. 14 - Valentine's Party 9:45 a.m. - 10:45 a.m.

Monday, Feb. 17 - Bad Weather Make-Up Day (School for students and teachers)

March 10 - 14 Spring Break

Thursday, April 3 - 2nd grade field trip to the Austin Zoo (begin the approval process if you'd like to chaperon)


Please check out eBackpack for electronic copies of flyers and handouts from the school and PTA!