Helen Keller

A biography by: Amber Irvine

Basic Information

Helen Keller was born was born on June 27,1880 in Tuscumbia, Alabama. At the age of 18 months Helen became blind and death due to a illness. Her parents were Kate Adams Keller and Colonel Arthur Keller. Helen also had 4 other siblings. She died on June 1, 1968 in Easton, Connecticut.

Impact on Society

Helen Keller is inspiring to others by showing that you can succeed even though you have obstacles. Helen Keller was the first deaf blind person to earn a bachelor of arts degree. Helen inspires people be showing you that even though you have obstacles that are hard to overcome, that you can still follow your dreams.

How Anne Sullivan became Helen's teacher

In 1886 Helen's mother came across a travelogue, she read of the successful education of the blind and death and soon dispatched Helen and her father to Baltimore, Maryland to see specialist Dr. J. Julian Chisolm. He examined her and recommended she go to see Alexander Graham Bell. He talked with Helen and her parents and suggested they travel to Perkins Institute for the blind in Boston, Massachusetts. There they met with the school director. He suggested that Helen work with Anne Sullivan.

The process of teaching Helen

Anne started teacher Helen finger spelling, starting with the work "doll". Helen went through many stages of frustration and difficulty. When this happened Anne could tell that Helen wasn't making the connection between the objects and the words being spelled out in her hand. Anne still kept working at it, forcing Helen to go through the regimen.

The frustration grew in Helen the more they tried. Anne decided it would be best if they move to an isolated place without the distraction of her family.

In a struggle, Sullivan managed to teach her 30 words before nightfall.

Helens Career

Helen Keller has written 12 different books. Her first book at the age of 11 was called the Frost King. Helen Keller has also been in 2 different movies, The Miracle worker and Helen Keller in her story.

Interesting Facts

Did you know that Helen Keller's favorite food was hot dogs?

The first Akita dog in the United States was sent to Helen from Japan in 1938.

Helen wrote to 8 presidents and got replies back from all of them.

Helen was an excellent typist.

Something new I learned about Helen Keller

A new thing that i learned about Helen Keller is that she started an organization for the foundation for the blind.I also did not know that she was a author of 12 different books. I didnt know that she wrote her first book when she was 11 (The Frost King).

Why I chose this person

I chose Helen Keller because she is inspiring to me. She is inspiring to me because she shows you that even though you have tough obstacles to overcome you can still do it to follow your dreams. I think that Helen Keller is an inspiring, brave, courageous person.

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