The Scoop on 3Sc

November 13, 2015

Mrs. Schaefer's 3rd Grade Class

Check out how much fun we had at school this week!

Our Week of Learning

  • This week students took notes on the Mercury, Venus, and Earth. Ask your student to share some interesting facts they learned about each of these planets. They are becoming quite knowledgeable.
  • We also introduced Scholastic News to our reading Tech Time option. This week students read/listened to an article that went along with Veteran's Day.


  • This week we completed our study guides and played Math Jeopardy to review for our Module 1 Math Test
  • Students took their math test on Wednesday-they did a wonderful job. I will be sending these home for you to review next week. I look forward to discussing these further with you at conferences.
  • We had a game day on Thursday. Students were allowed to choose from computer games that helped them practice their multiplication fluency
  • Our next math unit will be focusing on Place Value and Problem Solving with Units of Measure.

XtraMath: Their username and password are taped into the front of their assignment notebook. (I have also linked this to our class Symbaloo)
  • This week students finished the draft of their narrative on Sholes School. We have begun the editing process and will be spending next week polishing these pieces up to share with you at conferences.
  • We also have been drawing detailed pictures of Sholes School to accompany their writing pieces. I cant wait for you to see how impressive these are!
  • This week students continued their study of space. Students were introduced to the acronym, MVEMJSUN, to help them remember the order of the planets from the Sun. Ask your child to tell you which planet each letter stands for.
Computer Lab

  • We have been using a resource called Wonderopolis. Their is a new "wonder" on various topic each day. Students are able to read/ listen to these "wonders," and listen to a short video clip on the topic. Students then post what they have learned on our class Padlet. This week students learned the history behind Veteran's Day.

Bullying Behaviors Make us Crazy!!!

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Fine Arts Presentation - Quilting Party

Pioneer Breakfast Pictures

We are also still looking for a volunteer to create our class friendship quilt! Please let me know if you are interested.

Book Orders

There are tons of wonderful books available in this months book order. Scholastic Books

Book order code: LGHNC

Book order due date: Friday, November 20

Reminders and Upcoming Events

  • Thursday, November 19: Wear red/ WES school colors to symbolize we are putting a stop to bullying behaviors. We will also have an all school assembly to conclude Red Ribbon Month.
  • Friday, November 20: Wear a Word Spirit Day - Info sheets on this spirit day came home in the mail this week
  • November 23 and 24: Parent Teacher Conferences
  • November 23-27: No School for students

Parent Teacher Conferences

Conferences will be held on November 23 and 24. If you have not already done so, please choose a time slot that works best for your schedule. If you are having difficulties accessing the sign up form please contact the office. They will be able to assist your further with the sign up process. I am looking forward to meeting with all of you!

News From Your Student

  • Don't forget to check out your child's weekly newsletter. This is a great way to hear about our week of learning from your child's perspective!