Daily Memo - Week of May 9

Building Successful Futures - Every Student, Every Day

Thursday - May 12

Hopefully today will be pretty quiet!!! Bryon and I are both out of the building for interviews. David will be here but he will be giving tours. If you need anything call Michelle in the office and she will get ahold of David if he is out And about in the building.

Office Schedules

Bryon and Lindsey - 8:30-2:00 Interviews

David - 10:30 tour, 11:30 tour, 2 track meet set up


J. Meudt

J.Smith-R. Graham

C. VonSenden

M. Swenson-M. Bryant

A.Hildman-D. Mcdermed

E. Crouse- K. Vanderweide

A. Lillie - K. Marin

M. Hall- M. Nigus

Wednesday - May 12

What a storm this morning! I love a good thunder and lightening storm! The juniors are heading out today to the WW1 Museum this morning! They should have a very good time. There is a Performing Arts Banquet tonight in the gym.

Office Schedules

Bryon - 8:30 Susan, 1 District Leadership Meeting

Lindsey -1 District Leadership Meeting

David - 1 District Leadership Meeting


E. Crouse - J. Funk

K. Schlanker - M. Wohlgemuth

M. Swenson

A. Hildman - C. Hallberg

M. Jarombek

Tuesday - May 10

Have a great day!!

Office Schedules

Doesn't look like we have anything scheduled today.


M. Swenson

Monday - May 9

Happy Monday!! 8 days for seniors and 12 days for everyone else!! The year keeps going faster and faster!!!

Office Schedules

Bryon - 9:30 Senior Meeting

Lindsey - Tech Trip to Turner High School


A. Burbank -no sub needed

M. Swenson

S. Tschauder

S. Watkins