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The Travels of Marco Polo – A Simple Fact Sheet To Know His Great Life

There have been many great explorers over the centuries in the world who have gained notoriety and fame. These are people who have pushed the boundaries of human existence much farther than before. These are the people who have allowed us to understand different cultures, different countries and different lifestyles. But the one name that stands way above any other in this list is that of Marco Polo –the very first of world’s biggest explorers.

There are many things about the life and travels of Marco Polo that would sound intriguing and inspiring to modern day travellers. Here is a simple fact sheet to help you understand him better and learn what it was that helped this man in achieving THIS level of international fame.

• Marco Polo was born in Venice in 1254. By the time he reached the age of six, his father and uncle had left for their business travels towards the East. This is was the time when young Marco lost his mother. But this tragic time ignited the fire in his heart to see the world. By the time his father got back, Marco had learned four languages and was all set and ready to accompany him and his uncle on their next Eastbound trip.

• During his journey, Marco came across many concepts that were completely non-existent in the western world of that time. Take paper money for example. Marco couldn't believe it when he first saw it in the east. Gold and silver coins were used in Marco's land, and the paper seemed so worthless. He was also amazed by coal, or stones that burn like logs," as he described it in his book.

• On reaching China, Marco Polo was able to impress the emperor of the kingdom at the very outset of their meeting. The Great Kublai Khan was so impressed with this young westerner that he assigned several official jobs under Marco’s responsibility.

• The Khan liked Marco so much that he wouldn't let him leave, but when the khan got to be 70, Marco began to get nervous that he wouldn't get to take all his money if he didn't leave before the khan died. Marco had to ask the khan's permission several times before he was allowed to leave.

• The great book that made him famous – The travels of Marco Polo, was actually penned down when this revolutionary traveller was in prison! He asked his cell mate to record his journey experiences in words as he narrated many tales of the east.

• These accounts were so accurate and detailed that several travellers past his day took Marco’s book as a reference guide when they embarked on their own specific expeditions. In fact, it is widely known that Christopher Columbus too was one of Marco Polo’s fans and carried his book with him when he set out to find the new trade route to the east.

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