Who was Jesse James

By:kass smith

Who was Jesse james

Jesse Woodsen James was born on Sept.1847.

He had a mother, a brother named Frank,and a younger sister named

Susan who came later. His mother, Zerelda was married to 3 men. The first,

was Robert Salle James who died from a sickness. The secound, was a

Farmer named Ben Simms, he was very mean to Jesse and his brother

and sister so, Zerelda kicked him out but before she did he died from a sickness. Her third husband was Dr.Rueben Samuel. He was a good man and a good doctor. They had 4 more kids together!

Jesse James died on april third, 1882 from Robert Ford.

What did he do

He made an outlaw group with his brother frank and his half brothers in it.

During the civil war to try to stop the northern even though Missouri sided

with the north.(he wanted to help the southern)

Impact on the world:

Jesse James made bad impact on the world because he killed so many people like when he is trying to rob a bank he killed so many people and

stole so many things like when he would rob trains.So, he made bad impact on the world.

Should we try to be more like them?:

No,even though he was brave like when he would stand up to the northerns and remember he was a bully and Just plain old cruel because he kill so many people and stole so many things.

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