Room 17 is Excited for '16

This Week

Happy holidays!!! We had a new student start this week - welcome to our class, Gaby! :)

The kids enjoyed wrapping toys in Santa's Workshop and pulling each other around the classroom in Santa's sleigh. To build our fine motor skills, we laced mittens, made snow scenes with stickers, and glued cheerios on the letter O. At the art table, we played with Christmas cookie play-doh and made some special presents for our families. We also sorted big and little Christmas objects, did holiday number puzzles, and matched shapes on penguins. One science project this week was talking about how candy canes look, feel, smell (and taste!) and examining how the stripes disappear when the candy canes are placed in a bucket of water.

During P.E., we participated in a relay race to see which team could bring the most presents back to their box. Then we played "cars and tunnels," a game in which you crawl through someone's open legs. In addition, we rowed our boats with partners and took turns being monkeys jumping on the bed. During speech time, we matched holiday pictures, read "Santa, Santa, What Do You See?" and practiced preposition words by putting objects on and under the tree.

It was so cute to see the kids in their pajamas on Thursday! We had a party with Ms. Nicole's room to celebrate Kammy's birthday - happy birthday Kammy!! We played instruments, read books, and decorated/ate gingerbread men (which may explain why some snacks/lunches were barely touched..sorry about that!). Afterwards, we went over to Room 4 for some more celebrations with our friends; dress up, obstacle course, and block towers were some preferred activities. We even got to say hi to santa who was roaming around campus!!


School will be closed until Monday, January 4. The CDC theme for January is our neighborhood, so we will be learning all about community helpers. We will also be talking about winter and doing more winter activities.

I hope you all have a lovely break & a very Merry Christmas for those of you celebrating.

See you next year!!

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