CSLA Newsletter

February 2016

In this issue:

  • President Beth Olshewsky
  • Past President Liz Dodds
  • President Elect Sue Heraper
  • VP Membership Terry Lai
  • VP Communications Rosan Cable
  • NR President Lisa Bishop
  • SR President Sharlene Paxton
  • SR President Elect Kathleen Sheppard
  • CSLA Legislative Advocate Report: ESSA
  • Computers in Libraries Conference in DC
  • International Association of School Librarianship coming to CA
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Report from the CSLA President

Beth Olshewsky, CSLA President, 2015-16

The 2015-16 California School Library Association State Board term is drawing to a close as our annual conference approaches. The CSLA State Board has identified and begun concerted work for California school libraries, our students and our membership around five enduring critical issues: Strong School Library Programs, Development, Advocacy, Collaboration and Research.

As we seek to ask the right questions and work toward enduring and immediate goals related to these issues, specifics of our work to live our mission are clarified.

CSLA Mission: CSLA advocates for excellence in school library programs, develops leaders in the school library field, and collaborates with other educational leaders to ensure that all California students are effective, responsible users and creators of ideas and information.

Please join us in this process during the member forum at the 2016 Membership Meeting, Friday, February 5, 11:45am–1:15pm, in the Bayside Pavilion at the Bahia Resort and Hotel, during our CSLA 2016 Annual Conference: Doorways to Diversity. This is our only face-to-face meeting throughout the year, and it is of paramount importance for you to be there to speak, to listen, and to collaborate together. Together, we are better. The old axiom holds true.

Great ideas have come out of the Membership Meeting. It’s because of last year’s forum ideas that we now have a Paraprofessional Representative, Erica Leggette, an awesome contributor and representative on the state board. Erica will be leading two double sessions at the conference on Saturday, February 6: Paraprofessional Survival Toolkit and an Informational Paraprofessional Panel with a variety of other paraprofessionals. She works throughout the year trying to best represent and meet the needs of the paraprofessional membership that identified this need at our last Membership Meeting. What will come out of this year’s Membership Meeting? What role will you take in making that happen?

We welcome all of your thoughts, questions, ideas and suggestions, but if you don’t already have something roiling around ready to jump out and be discussed with all, consider framing your thoughts around possible work for our future in these five areas:

  1. Strong School Library Programs

  2. Development

  3. Advocacy

  4. Collaboration

  5. Research

We are YOUR board---direct us, provide your guidance and requests for the CSLA State Board 2016-17, and consider joining us. You can volunteer in a small way, let our new Conference Coordinator know if you would like to do something bite-sized for our next conference, or let any board member know if you would like to work on a task team, or maybe you want to enliven one of the CSLA committees as a new committee member, or maybe you’re ready to work on one of the CSLA Region Boards or the CSLA State Board. Talk to any board member during conference about ways to get involved, or you can find me specifically immediately after our Membership Meeting when I will officially become our Past President and begin actively recruiting individuals interested in standing for election to the 2017-18 CSLA State Board, a demanding and rewarding path.

You’ll also get to meet some of our CSLA award winners at the Membership Meeting, others will be honored at Opening Session and at Closing Session. Please consider applying for awards for your program after conference. Many of us shy away from the limelight, but consider how it helps your program shine, how these awards honor your students, your colleagues, your administration and school board. Consider how an award might influence or impress doubting stakeholders, or invite new collaborations with other partners. If you don’t feel like your program is award worthy, attend a concurrent session or workshop that you think might help you, and then make a plan to create a program that will be award worthy. Some of these awards include a check for your school library; it’s like a grant without so much paperwork, and we all could use a little extra funding for our school library. Think about it! Then do it!

Never fear, even if you missed online registration, you can still register in person. Just come to the Bahia Resort and Hotel, 998 W Mission Bay Dr, San Diego, CA 92109, February 4-7, 2016, register and join us. You’ll be glad you did!

CSLA Past President

Liz Dodds

What does a Past President Do?

Past President of CSLA is an actual title, one of the three (one year each) presidential-term titles: President-Elect, President, and Past President. Among other things, a past president advises and consults with the two other presidents and the state board on many topics and issues, runs the elections, oversees the awards and scholarships process, belongs to the CSLA Foundation Committee (all three presidents are de facto members) and attends ALA (American Library Association) meetings in January and June.

Some of the topics in the advise and consult category this year included: CYRM, Sacramento events and news, California Credentials, Local Control Funding Formula, Next Generation Science Standards, CSLA Strategic Planning, and Social Media and newsletter contributions.

What goes into running the elections? First, we look up which state board offices are due for an election; we elect half our board every year so that we have staggered two year terms and consistency on the board. Then we ascertain: are the present office-holders running again? The next step is to go out and find new candidates for the jobs available. We gather information and photos on candidates who so generously agree to run. Vote! Count the vote. Bring the slate of winners before the state board for approval, and announce the new office holders.

The Past President is also in charge of Awards and Scholarships. This begins with updating the forms and applications and asking our webmasters, Rosemarie Bernier and Jane Lofton to post them on the webpage. We get the word out via social media and email blasts about the types of awards and scholarships available and encourage members to apply or nominate someone.

The Past President then gathers her committee around to read the applications and choose the winners. The winners are then contacted, along with their supervisors and school boards. We gather winner information and photos in an online spreadsheet for the annual conference program, while we organize when the winners will be recognized at the annual CSLA conference.

Working as part of the California School Library Foundation committee, all three presidents enjoy the camaraderie and good thinking that goes into keeping the fundraising arm of our organization innovating and busy. To find out more about what the foundation entails, go to http://csla.net/foundation/. The Foundation is a dedicated group of school library (and related) folks. The committee is always looking for new members who have a heart for CSLA.

The Past President has the privilege of finding out what is going on on the national stage of school libraries and all libraries, as she attends ALA Annual Conference and ALA Mid-Winter Conference. The CSLA President and Past President represent California at the AASL (American Association of School Librarians) meetings during ALA. This past year I attended ALA-Midwinter in Chicago and ALA in San Francisco. It is very exciting to hear about what is going on all over our country in school libraries.

CSLA President Elect

Sue Heraper

My, how time flies! The first half of the academic year in California school libraries was filled with instruction, engaging activities, curriculum connections, and innovative ideas. The beginning of the second half of the school year is the perfect time to attend the annual conference to learn from the experiences and expertise of others in the school library field and return to our libraries rejuvenated.

Our terms of office have been realigned to coincide with the annual conference. I look forward to beginning my term as your CSLA President this month. I follow in the footsteps of the following members who have served recently as president: Beth Olshewsky, Liz Dodds, Janice Gilmore-See, and Jane Lofton. I admire them and would like to express my gratitude for their dedicated service.

When I first started attending CSLA conferences I was in awe of the members who served in leadership roles. I still admire them, but I have realized that anyone can do it -- even me. All it takes is a love for the school library profession and a willingness to do one's best for the good of the organization. You can start by joining a committee or helping with the next conference. You will gain much in the way of your own professional development by associating with others in the field. Together we can connect, collaborate, and grow.

CSLA VP Membership

Teresa Heieck Lai

This is my last article as the VP for Membership. I have enjoyed serving the Association in this capacity. I have learned a lot. As I move on, I will pass on to the next VP for membership the importance of building the association and adding value to being a member.

The annual Membership meeting will take place on Friday, February 5 11:45am – 1:15pm. Most of this meeting will be devoted to an open forum. This is the opportunity for members to inform the association about questions and concerns and participate in discussions.

In preparation for the 2017 Conference CSLA Video Contest, Library credential students from CSULB will be presenting a workshop about making videos. They will share their work and explain how they created videos on Saturday, February 7 at 7:30 a.m. I hope that any interested members will attend and prepare to begin a year of creating videos about library services.

CSLA VP Communications

Rosan Cable

CSLA uses many social media tools to keep you up-to-date. I challenge you to use the conference hashtags #4csla and #csla16 to be "social" and share with the world and fellow TLs the amazing things we are doing. If you are not able to attend, follow Twitter this week to see some great highlights, get insightful quotes, and glean the many resources from the workshops. Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr will also be added to during conference.

CSLA NR President

Lisa Bishop

It’s been a fun 5 months being NR President! Short and Sweet. Good things are coming to the Northern Region, I can feel it. We have done some soul searching, haven’t found all the answers as to why our region is not as active as we could be. We will be asking our SR colleagues for suggestions at the conference. We are still looking to fill two positions for representatives and have appointed Michelle Windell for Nancy Lucero in Section 4. In the bigger picture scenario- being 50th/50 as TL ratio to students 1:8000, I know we have a lot of work ahead of us but we always stay positive and do our best. As we gain more members and show our schools and communities how valuable we are, we will recover, grow and thrive.

Thank you CSLA first of all, for the Jewell Gardiner scholarship I received back in 2008-09 to help me with my MLIS schooling. I will never forget my very first CSLA conference in Ontario where I met one of my future professors, Dr. Loertscher, and got so excited about my new profession as a TL. Thank you for supporting me as NR Sec 4 Rep to attend my first ALA conference where I got to track down many of our favorite authors and illustrators where I asked them “Why are TL’s important in schools?” for a video I would put together with Sue Heraper for CSLA called “8000:1”. Thank you for attending the events we sponsored: Center for the Book, Arion Printing Press, Mechanic’s Institute Library etc. Thank you for supporting our Pre-ALA TL Summit in San Francisco where the mini-Treasure Mountain model (Thank you Dr. L) was tried here and was quite successful with over 20 presenters, a keynote and food! Thank you NR CSLA for supporting me to be a NR Rep for CSLA at AASL this year in Columbus.

My next project as I go off to support incoming NR President, Terri Brown (stay-tuned for a big event in Fresno in April) and NR President-Elect Nancy Lucero is to offer support for Oakland Unified Schools Library Director Amy Cheney. You will be hearing more about the awful plight of our schools in Oakland (80 schools, 1 TL) and how you can help. I am so honored to be in this wonderful profession and share knowledge building with all of you and hope to someday say that my/our efforts helped secure every child in public schools in California a fully functioning school library with a credentialed Teacher Librarian. Look forward to seeing you in San Diego!

CSLA SR President

Sharlene Paxton

As I’m completing my term as CSLA’s 2015-2016 Southern Region President, I’m reflecting on not only what a great group of people I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know and work with, but I’m also thinking about the amazing work our association does to support California’s school libraries. We all know that our students’ lives and learning experiences are richly enhanced as a result of our school library programs and the people who advocate so passionately to sustain and improve these opportunities to support learning and innovation. It’s an exciting time for school libraries! We’ve seen some increases in library staffing in California’s schools in the last year or two, but we still have work to do to ensure that every student has access to a strong school library program, one that is fully staffed with both certificated librarians and library paraprofessionals. Thanks to the hard work and advocacy of librarians and library supporters throughout the nation, the passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) promises to further strengthen the role of school libraries as the learning hub of every school.

I look forward to moving into my position as Southern Region Past President and supporting Kathleen Sheppard in her new role as Southern Region President. I’m appreciative to the wonderful members of my 2015-2016 Southern Region Board, who have done an outstanding job working to support our Southern Region members. I’m particularly appreciative of all the hard work that went into our fall workshop this past October. I’m looking forward to reuniting with everyone at our conference in San Diego!

CSLA SR President Elect

Kathleen Sheppard

It’s my pleasure to serve as Southern Region President for 2016-2017! This is my tenth year as Teacher Librarian at Taft Charter High School in Woodland Hills. I have served as SR President Elect and Section 2 Representative. I have also served as Past President of the Los Angeles School Library Association. My career has encompassed the K-12 spectrum with experiences both in public and parochial schools including Campus Canyon Elementary School in Moorpark USD and opening A.C. Stelle Middle School in Las Virgenes USD as well as St. Rose of Lima Catholic School in Simi Valley.

The Southern Region is excited as we look forward to working together to plan section events and a fall workshop for our membership. We welcome the opportunity to network and collaborate as we navigate the future for school libraries. We know that working together to build a future will dramatically impact student learners. We are excited to advocate for strong school libraries and the opportunity to share the great programs that benefit the communities we serve.

President Signs New Education Reauthorization Bill

Jeff Frost, CSLA Legislative Advocate

On December 10, 2015, President Obama signed into law a new education reauthorization bill that had been worked on for several weeks by Congressional representatives. The new law, called the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), makes a number of important changes on how education policy will be handled and allows states, not the federal Department of Education, set standards for educational success. This act had not been updated since the NCLB was agreed to in the first term of George Bush’s presidency. Additionally, this bill makes strides toward including school libraries as an educational priority.

One of the biggest changes to the new Act is the inclusion of specific library references. School librarians and school libraries are now considered true educational partners. AASL President Leslie Preddy said, “For school-age students, ESSA represents an historic new chapter in federal support of education, one that will ensure effective school library programs are there to help them learn how to use new technology tools, develop critical thinking, and the reading and research skills essential to achievement in science, math and all other ‘STEM’ fields.”

To read the full article, please visit the CSLA Blog.

Computers in Libraries Conference


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International Association of School Librarianship

Lesley Farmer, CSLF

California State University Long Beach has been chosen to host the 2017 International Association of School Librarianship conference. Tentative dates are 3-7 August 2017. The theme is “Learning Without Borders.” Stay tuned for details, and get ready for a future that’s so bright you need (sun)shades — and sunscreen.

If you're interested in getting involved in the conference, please contact Lesley.Farmer@csulb.edu

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